A load of rubbish

Obviously, some bad habits die hard. Some call it convenience; others term it as laziness. I think it is both plus an uncanny lack of common sense.

Take a look at these pictures which I’ve captured yesterday while riding the Putra LRT –



How on earth could a trolley full of rubbish be riding alongside a train packed full of passengers? It’s not the first time that I’ve seen this but my patience finally ran out. The stench was overwhelming but the worker appeared to be nonchalant about it. Of course, he isn’t paid enough to care, isn’t it?

Now, think about proper hygiene and stuff. It’s not rote for me to advocate health and wellness in my entries but I was pissed that this worker stupidly chose a full train to load his daily pickings to be shuttled to another stop. An enclosed space, air-conditioned environment and train-full of vulnerable humans – these are prime vectors of diseases and other ailments. And you wondered why diseases and other epidemics could spread so easily – it’s mostly due to a prevalent lack of simple common sense.

You could argue that it was just for one measly station, but it’s not often the case. Some have travelled as far from Ampang Park to Kerinchi station which is a fair distance away on train. There’s probably the argument that it’s for convenience but sometimes taking the shortcut is not the best way. Have you heard of the idiom ‘cutting corners’ in terms of quality? You’re obstructing passengers’ comfort and sanitary needs, that’s what! 

Another thing is of the image that we are portraying to the outside world. I’ve commuted on the London Tube and the Paris Metro and have never seen rubbish been carted alongside passengers. If such standards are acceptable, then you should have your head checked. Allowing workers to cart rubbish in a passenger train is a stone-throw backwards into time – a step back into the past.

For the last time – the train is not a rubbish chute. I’ll continue taking pictures of these rubbish loaders until this practice stops.    

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