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Johann Strauss II (25 October 1825 – 3 June 1899)

  It’s the 185th anniversary of the Waltz King’s birthday today. Thus, we recollect our thoughts on the suave, charismatic and flamboyant composer of Viennese waltzes and other dance music. I’m certain that many Strauss fans have waxed lyrical over … Continue reading

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Priez pour moi

Within four days, much has already happened. If I’m accelerating towards doom, please pray for me. But come hell or high water, I’ll prevail. I’m screwed but whatever it was and still is, it felt good   : P  

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Migrating to Word Press

I absolutely detest having to move from Windows Live Spaces to Word Press. Not that there is so much love for WLS but the migration has caused so much formatting problems that some of my entries have turned out, for … Continue reading

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