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Transport Tycoon (iOS version) – review

How time flies – it’s been 8 years since I last reviewed a Chris Sawyer game on Leidartikel. You’d recall that Chris Sawyer’s Transport Tycoon for the DOS system is still one of the finest business strategy games ever conceived … Continue reading

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Electronic Arts – What’s with Online Redemption Codes that won’t work?

Last week, I was wrapping up my Prestige 7 on COD:MW3 and thought how nice it would be to look for another multiplayer game to waste more weekends with. I had put off buying Battlefield 3 for a long time … Continue reading

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G.I. Joe ‘A Real American Hero’ – NES

I’ve never had a G.I. Joe toy in my entire life (erm, when I was a kid, that is) but its smothering influence was indeed felt here in Malaysia. I did watch the cartoons, though and while I prefer the … Continue reading

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In retro – FIFA 99

The FIFA series have always been one of the games which can sit in the computer hard disk for a long time (at least, all season long) and you don’t tire of playing these silly little offerings that comes out … Continue reading

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Yie Ar Kung Fu – NES

Once in a while, we need to indulge in the simpler pleasures of life. For me, the Nintendo Entertainment System is the epitome of simplicity. While its games are facile in execution and concept – shallow (and sometimes nonsensical) plots … Continue reading

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PS2 Game of December 2010 – PES 2011 & FIFA Soccer 11

It’s that time of the year again when the latest football (soccer) video game offerings by Konami and EA Sports are put up for contention again. While the current-gen versions are getting most of the limelight under the soccer spotlight, … Continue reading

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Dune 2000

Developer: Westwood Studios (now defunct) Genre: RTS (real-time strategy) Release date: September 1998 Fully Win-XP compatible =============================================================================================== Remember this? and this? Back in 1992, this game redefined real-time strategy games and the way games are played. ‘Dune II’ was introduced … Continue reading

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Yakuza 2 sold out !@#$%!

My regular Uncle Wong shop selling PS2 games ‘on a budget’ sold me a dud DVD for Yakuza 2. I can’t play the 2nd disc and am stuck at the part where Kazuma Kiryu is supposed to rescue the chief … Continue reading

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Sony PlayStation 2 selling for USD$99.99 – Desperate measures for desperate times

  Living thru the 8-bit era to the current gen is exciting for the simple reason that we can see the titans clashing it out for video game console supremacy. With all that chicken little screams of the sky falling … Continue reading

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Destroyer Command

Publisher: SSI (Ubi Soft, Inc.) Developer: Ultimation, Inc. Genre: Naval Simulation Date released: February 2002 Recommended System Requirements: P3 processor/equivalent; 256 MB RAM; 64 MB video card; HD Space 700 ~ 850 MB; CD ROM-drive. Official Website: ========================================================================================================================================= Even … Continue reading

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