Simple rule broken – a bottlecap should be on the outside, not inside

I still drink milk till today and I probably picked up the habit when I was studying in Oxford in 2003/2004 as milk in the UK tastes better and wasn’t terribly expensive. So for breakfast and supper these days, I normally take some fresh milk to supplement those mealtimes. 

Late last night, I popped by a 7-Eleven outlet near my home and bought two packets of local fresh milk (I won’t disclose what brand it is). I opened one packet to go with my late night dinner and was surprised to see this –


bottlecap in milk2

Yes, that is a bottlecap (not the bottlecap to this particular packet) swimming in the milk. How did it end up there? Your guess is as good as mine. And no, I didn’t force that swimming bottlecap down the narrow outlet. It’s just too farcical to stage this whole thing for your attention here.

For the record, the mik tasted plasticky but otherwise, it was fine. ‘Fine’ as in the consumption of the milk didn’t cause any gastrointestinal problems, that is.

That reminded me about the prudence of inspecting your food for ingredients that shouldn’t be there before eating it.

Two years ago at Mee Yoke Lim in SS2, I ordered curry laksa and was about to take my first bite of the noodles when I caught sight of a long thin strand of metal wire partially concealed in the strands of noodles. I returned the noodles and said I don’t want it anymore. The hawker was displeased. That’s Asian mentality for you.

About ten years back, my brother was celebrating his birthday at a famous restaurant in Section 14, PJ (opposite Vie Onn Pharmacy and is now taken over by some real estate firm) and we were having dessert –  a Mocha Mud Pie, but it had a sharp piece of plastic embedded inside. You could suffer a real nasty intestine cut from inside out by the looks of it. We got a replacement and the item was on the house. 

The ubiquitous hair in the food is also another commonplace event.

Next time, though, do check your food before you start to chow down. Depending on the unwanted ingredients present, it could save you some mildly irritating moments but otherwise, could also save your gut.      

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