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Hitman 2 -Silent Assassin

Publisher:- Eidos Interactive   Developer:- IO Interactive   Genre:- Action Adventure   Release date:- October 2002   Windows compatibility Platform:- Win XP, Win 98, Win ME compatible   Tech Specs:- Direct-X 8 gfx compatible card (32MB VRAM recommended but I … Continue reading

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Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed

Publisher/developer:- Electronic Arts   Genre:- Racing   Release date:- March 2000   Platform:- Strictly Win 98 and Win ME compatible. Win XP users need to grab the Microsoft Windows Application Compatibility Toolkit software from somewhere (Microsoft ain’t dealing this bundle anymore but I can … Continue reading

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Chris Sawyer’s Locomotion

Publisher:- Atari   Genre:- Business Strategy   Developer:- Chris Sawyer (Saint of Business Strategy)   Release date:- October 2004   Platform:- Win XP (Win 2k or Win ME is possible)   Specs:- (Laughable) Doesn’t need a new workhorse to compute   Current … Continue reading

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Age of Empires III- Viva la evolution!

Just back from a session of AOE III at SS2. But first, some first takes on this title…   Jaded. Tired. Other adjectives failed me when the first shrink transparent wrap around the dull package that comes with AOE III  … Continue reading

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