More kits for the 1/700 fleet

I’ve just received another two more kits from HLJ yesterday via EMS courier – the Hasegawa kit for IJN Ise and the Aoshima kit for IJN Fusō. I placed an order for these last Friday and it arrived slightly faster this time around. Here are the pictures of my new acquisitions-


fuso unboxed   

fuso -ise side

fuso unboxed

fuso instructions

fuso box front

One thing that did not particularly impressed me was the fact that the original shrink-wrap from the manufacturer seems to have been disposed off by HLJ and they have taken liberty to repackage the two sets into one shoddy shrink wrap which has also been torn apart at the seams. Air bags have been positioned at the bottom of the box to buffer the damage and I’ve inspected the Fusō kit for any items which may have come loose from rough handling and detected none. So far, so good.

And yeah, the dramatic picture for the Fusō kit was a probable nod towards the Battle of Surigao Strait on 25 October 1944 (hence the year the ship was to be modelled after) and it was the first time that I’ve seen a Waterline series painting featuring a battle taking place, replete with starshells (for night-time illumination and all). It would be exciting to build this kit, I’m sure. Compared to the Yamashiro, both sister ships have different pagoda masts but I’d need to do a further study on both ships before committing to the workbench and plastic cement.

By comparison, the Ise battleship is stored in a very big box, perhaps even rivaling the 1/700 Tamiya Yamato’s in size and I’ve taken a look at its contents but it’s nothing to shout about. I’m guessing a reprise of the IJN Mogami heavy cruiser here, with its modified battleship configuration to include a flight deck, and which is perhaps somewhat bigger than the heavy cruiser. Next, I was informed that the battleship / battlecruiser IJN Kongo has already been shipped by HLJ and I can’t wait to see its contents!  

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