Additions to the 1/700 fleet : )

With reference to my earlier post, I’ve just received the parcels for the IJN Yamashiro battleship and the IJN Nagato battleship (1942 Retake) on Monday from HLJ. Both kits are from Aoshima and both box sizes are similar to the 1/700 Yamato from Tamiya. Here are the unboxing pics-

(i) IJN Yamashiro-

IJN Yamashiro


(ii) IJN Nagato-

IJN Nagato 1942 Retake

I must say – the packaging of the goods are top notch (though the shrink wrap on both packages look weird with its disproportionate sealing), with airbags supporting the consignment rather than the usual hard polystyrene cubes. I’m not particularly pleased with the speed of the delivery (I’ve ordered the Yamashiro on 6 June 2011) and it came one week later. Still, everything has been professionally done and I’d recommend any keen hobbyist to make their purchases from HLJ. In fact, I’ve even placed a backorder for the Kongō battleship and hope to hear something good soon.

In a macro picture of things, here’s a brief checklist of what I’d still need to acquire in order to complete my project(s) for an IJN diorama (all in 1/700 scale) –


(Yamato class) – IJN Musashi (most probably getting the kit from Tamiya);

(Nagato class) – IJN Mutsu (highly likely to be from Aoshima, but I was made to understand that the Mutsu kit is similar to the Nagato). I can’t think of any possible manner to depict the mighty Mutsu in a dignified scenario because it exploded through no intervention of the enemy while docked at the Hashirajima naval base;

(Kongō class) – IJN Kongō, IJN Hiei, IJN Kirishima, IJN Haruna (all from Hasegawa. If not, I could mix and match from Fujimi. However, I’ve read from this wonderful site that the Fujimi models contain some accuracy issues, especially with the casemates.)

(Ise class) – IJN Ise and IJN Hyuga (both kits from Hasegawa. I intend to build these ships upon their reconstruction as a hybrid battleship-carrier)

(Fusō class) – IJN Fusō (1944 version from Aoshima, so that I could commence on assembling the Southern Fleet under the command of Nishimura Shōji during the Battle of Surigao Strait, which comprises of the battleships Fuso, Yamashiro, heavy aircraft – cruiser Mogami and four destroyers). In the grander scheme of things, the US Navy ships would have to complement the IJN counterparts as well, but I’d leave that to my brother who would be assembling Allied warships, whereas I’d be building the Axis fleets.

Aircraft Carriers – Kido Butai (1st Air Fleet of the IJN)

(Sōryū class) – IJN Sōryū and IJN Hiryū

IJN Kaga

IJN Akagi

The above list is also not even inclusive of photo-etched parts which enable a more detailed representation of the ships, e.g. the railings, additional radio masts, realistic cranes and metal platforms which cannot be accurately reproduced with regular plastic. PE parts could cost a bomb as well, sometimes costing almost as much as a full-fledged kit; so like I’ve said, this hobby definitely calls for deeper pockets.

Regardless, I’m pleased to learn that a great many people are still in this 1/700 hobby judging by the number of hits that my earlier entry has. If you’d like to discuss more about this hobby, just drop a note and share your ideas.

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