The most beautiful Double over the Man Ure

Until today, I’m still exuberant even if it is already 3 days after the 2-1 win over Man U. It may have been a hard week at work so far, but the reminder of the Double gave me perfect reason to remain upbeat.
Of course we read about the title hopes being blown wide open for some reason, but I can’t see the Arsenal winning it, despite the excellent victory. It’s hard to see it this way not because I’ve had a flimsy belief in my team (I’d the luck to buy the original Highbury kit for RM168 last Xmas at a place I’ll remember as pre-destined; seeing as I’ve missed out on it when the kit was still actively sold the season before), but for some reason I thought that the Arsenal’s points are still rather distant from Man U’s. Till then, the team just have to perform and see what happens to the sore-bottomed Devils and the Russian Blues. Then there’s still the Anfield, Stamford Bridge and this week’s White Hart Lane trips which could be huge pitfalls. This is more so after the Cup Double over Liverpool and a wildly reported rift at Chelski marking the beginning of the Red Revolution. Mourinho may have acted like the devil may care when he came to the EPL and won back-to-back titles but his arrogance must surely have some limit somewhere. Have you ever heard of David Dein or Peter Hill-Wood embroiled in a verbal scuffle with ‘Le Boss’?
Robin van Persie. I’d say that when Arjen Robben came out from the PSV’ ranks; I thought I’d see the next great Dutchman but it took a controversial figure from Feyenoord Rotterdam to prove that he’s the one to fill Dennis Bergkamp’s boots. I’d still like Robben but for the shameless way he dived and held his head as if it might come loose after the encounter with Liverpool keeper Reina last season; it left a rusty taste in the mouth everytime I saw that pic. And van Persie had it hard when Wenger bought Adebayor and loaned Baptista to increase the heat for the next striker’s spot after Thierry Henry’s automatic spot. He was also detained in a Dutch prison for allegations of rape. I think that it’s easy to say that he’ll get by, that his millions can buy back his pride etc…but I also believe that it takes character to maintain that sort of form. And that goal against Charlton earlier this season has to be one of the best I’ve ever had the privilege to see from an Arsenal player in recent history.
Now, Thierry Henry. I’m not sure he might be able to win the European Champions League with Arsenal or for that matter, in Arsenal’s colours as I don’t think that Arsenal has got what it takes to reach the finals again, seeing as this is still the consolidation year after the dramatic transition period (I knew, like all other Arsenal fans, that Hleb, Rosicky and Flamini were not that impressive against MU but for the wonderkid Fabregas). But his time here can be remembered as those moments where his goals came in at the right time, in a manner as easy as you like but worth more than every Arsenal fan can pay homage and admiration to. Hats off to Henry. He did struggle last season when he was thrusted into the captaincy limelight and when Arsenal’s midfield came stuck in the absence of the Patrick Vieira. This season, thankfully, Arsenal did show character to come through the most difficult games the better side. Pity about the dropped points at home and some away.
And Cesc Fabregas. Young kid but with a huge heart and determination. Sometimes, I’d just have to reflect how much I still need to learn just watching him play. It’s still too much to ask from him, since he’s still within the growing age but as long as Wenger holds onto him, it’s hard not to see him achieve his potential at Arsenal. That is, until he does a Jose Antonio Reyes and came crying for some action back home in native Spain to play for Barcelona with the donkey of Van Bronckhorst. We shall see. Until then, he’s still the most promising player to come out of Arsenal’s ranks in recent years. Jeremie Aliadiere or Justin Hoyte anyone?
Another short note: – A sincere and big ‘Thank you’ to Lauren Bisan Etame for all the effort and the dedication for Arsenal through the 6 years he was here. I think he’s not the greatest footballer around, but his heart shows that he belonged to Arsenal whenever he wore the team colours and proved it. To say that he has the ill luck to be injured for a good part of last season and then to abruptly find his place usurped by the free-diving Emanuel Eboue and the kiddo Justin Hoyte might add support to that but his silverware garnered when he was here is no small proof that he actually won something of worth at Arsenal before he was deemed not good enough to make the grade for the Gunners. Good luck to Lauren at Bolton 2! (Portsmouth is the next favourite port of call for most of the rest home candidates in EPL) I know Wenger is right when he released his players. The biggest one being Patrick Vieira. Where’s he now anyway…
And now, a little PES 6 before the enforcement exercise tomorrow with the guys from the Domestic Trade. Just routine stuff… 
Go Gunners!!!!
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