Tokyo Trip (15 December 2013 to 18 December 2013)–Asakusa (Day 1) (early half of 16 December 2013)


Ohayou gozaimasu, Tokyo! I woke up to the bright sunshine streaming in through the curtains. It is an excellent day for sightseeing and fun!

I did have a luxury of riches in the places I planned to visit but I settled for Asakusa upon recommendation from a friend.


This is my hotel room. I thought that I could suffer from claustrophobia if I were to stay in it for the entire day.


Anamori-inari train station. This is the main terminal for all my travel plans.


This is my daily onigiri breakfast. It’s important to start the day with a filling meal but not one which takes so much time that it induces guilt. So, I got my daily supplies from the Lawson convenience store just down the footpath directly across the hotel.


There are lots of bored people on the train but that’s how I’d feel too if I need to get to work.


Changing lines at Keikyū Kamata station no one taught me this, I had to study the train maps very carefully the night before and explore the routes to get to where I wanted to.


Ok, so this is Asakusa. Most stations have numerous exit points so be sure to read the area descriptions first before exiting the premises. You could wind up getting lost if you ignore it.


Nice. Tourist spots such as Asakusa feature English directions on most maps. Be sure to check them if you lost your bearings.



Maybe not such a great pic because of the position of the sun in the sky but that’d do for now : (


Hordes of tourists at the Kaminarimon. Some of them speak Cantonese, most of them converse with each other in Mandarin. I even picked out a handful of counterparts who were talking loudly in Hokkien (my dialect)!



(top) This is the famous Nakamise-dori – lined with stalls on either side of the street selling snacks, souvenirs, clothes and more! Just being here makes me feel exuberant to be alive!

(above) this is the route to the Hōzōmon. Lots of people are seen resting by the fence on the left and eating the food which they have bought earlier. One gripe I have is the lack of trash cans in Tokyo which means that I’ve to hang onto my rubbish longer than I should have. 


And this is the Hōzōmon which is the main entrance to the Sensō-ji temple complex.






I’m happy to let the pictures do the talking here. Out of respect, I did not take any pictures of the Sensō-ji temple’s interior. Apparently, it is not appropriate to do so at any part of the temple where there’s a roof over it. Please feel free to comment if my understanding is correct. 


This is the Hōzōmon from the inner temple’s vantage point. See if you could spot the giant straw sandals (waraji) which weigh 400 kg each? The sun is also amazingly close to Earth.

Before leaving the temple, I bought some omamori (protective amulets) from the juyosho. (More pictures of the temple in the evening on Day 2. Yes, I loved Asakusa so much that I returned to it the following day.)


This is the imposing and impressive Tokyo Skytree in nearby Sumida.

In the next entry, I’d be visiting Tsukiji open market (not the tuna bidding area which I could not gain entry into but never mind).

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