Sai Wan On Kee (Estrada da Vitoria, Macau) (Day 4)


This was the first place in Macau that we went to for food after checking in at our hotel (Hotel Royal) which was just barely 2 minutes’ walk away.



The menu quoted no price, but we were famished after the jetfoil trip from HK, so we proceeded to order our own dishes accordingly.


Nice, relaxed atmosphere. It was also fully-air conditioned and best of all, the smell of food doesn’t permeate the air inside…and stick onto your clothes.


In Macau, almost every coffee shop offers it own version of the pork chop bun – so go ahead, order one and make your comparison!


In Macau, where food variety is aplenty, it is weird to order fried rice like this one. But ask and you shall receive. This dish was custom-made for my dad, who is (as I’ve said many times before) a fussy eater and would love char siew most of the time. Turns out that this fried rice is so good that he went down for the same thing every day that we were in Macau (two more occasions at least). To their credit, this is a delicious and sumptuous dish of the Chinese classic fried rice – fluffy egg whites with the right balance of condiments used.


What could this be?


The Macanese really love their porcine delights! And boy, does it taste great! That’s the pork chop in tomato sauce. 

That’s not all. The very next morning, we were back for some more Macau food. There was this pork chop, luncheon meat, ham and egg rice combo which converted me as a fan of Macau cuisine.


The prices aren’t exactly cheap, but the service was fast and efficient and the waiters were very friendly. The food portions are also generous. Remember to seek out this place when you are at Macau. You won’t regret it.

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