McDonald’s Macau–Tonkatsu Burger with Egg


This particular McDonald’s branch is at Senado Square, Macau. It was often quoted by financial websites and writers that the Golden Arches’ main business is not selling burgers and beverages but in real estate. They were not able to beat off the Koi Kei confectionary outlets or the Chow Tai Fook dominance in Macau, but they certainly fended off other fast food outlets within the famous tourist spot.



Now, what I’m about to show you is this current promotion running in Macau and Hong Kong – McDonald’s Tonkatsu Burger. Tonkatsu is, quite simply, Japanese breaded and fried pork cutlets. Add curry to the mix and you get Curry Katsu. If you add an egg to the mix – you’d get Tamago Katsu.

Ok, I made that up.

Here’s what you get for the price of approximately HK$19 (not a set meal):


Delicious? Of course it is! Any burger would taste great with egg as a partner ingredient. I wolfed the whole thing down in 2 minutes flat. It’s better than anything Mcdonald’s Malaysia could offer me at this time.


Taste the feeling of love? I think I’m already in love!


Mmm…yes. Pictures speak a thousand words.


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