Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop (麥文記麵家), 51, Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong (Day 3)


It’s always a boon whenever two famous establishments are just side-by-side each other. The Australia Dairy Company is just next door from where we were heading to next. We had its famous steamed milk pudding, steamed egg custard and scrambled eggs toast earlier in the morning for breakfast. For dinner, we sought out this famous wonton noodles store. Yes, you’ve probably guessed correctly – we wanted to takeaway the aforementioned desserts (sans the scrambled eggs) after our meal.



The dinner crowd had probably gone home – it was close to 9 p.m. and we came from the Avenue of Stars directly to this restaurant.



We knew what we wanted beforehand – so placing a quick order wasn’t a problem. Everyone ordered the same thing, basically – a large serving of wonton noodles each.

Just look at the scrumptious prawn wonton! The egg noodles have hidden a great many more underneath it, so this was simply amazing. I couldn’t accurately describe the feeling of sinking my teeth into these wonton, but the generosity of the overall serving size was a class of its own – I’ve read in a lot of other blogs that the ordinary serving size at this joint was that of a normal rice bowl. Awwww, you poor things! Well, we didn’t have that problem here, as you can see  ; b

Well, I declare – this is probably the best wantan noodles I’ve eaten in my life! And I really hated these noodles when I was a kid.


We had additional dumplings to supplement our meal. It’s just some ‘sui kau’ which isn’t very much different from those found in Malaysia.

After our dinner, we walked next door to the Australia Dairy Company again and took home some milky desserts:


As we had to travel to Macau the very next morning, we had to return home to the serviced apartment early and pack our luggage.

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