Kung Wo Soybean Factory (公和荳品廠), Curry Fishballs and a certain Temple Street restaurant (Day 2)


Day 2 in Hong Kong was one long trek from the Ladies’ Market in Mong Kok to Sham Shui Po where we had Tim Ho Wan dim sum for our late afternoon meal.

After the dim sum treat, we were legging it back to the nearest MTR station when we came across this bustling joint with lots of something being fried and a cacophony of people shouting.

So, this is the famous Kung Wo Soybean Factory. The hygiene of this area wasn’t too good either – we saw flies landing on the soy products sold and the staff who were frying some bean curd products were mostly in a rather sour mood, so I didn’t take pictures up close. Besides, you could see that there were lots of people milling in front of the shop, wanting to buy a slice of their tofu.

There’s not much to see here – the seating space inside was horrendous and severely limited. This was what we had there:

144 143

Yea – I mean what else? It’s just soymilk and their renowned melt-in-the-mouth Tau Foo Fa. Silky smooth and extremely palatable, the yellow sugar was just the right type to enjoy this beancurd with – not your gula melaka variety that we have in Malaysia. There’s nothing much to say about this place – it was very crowded inside, lots of already cranky workers and that was it.

Oh yeah, I also had this curry fishball from a store just two shops away. I didn’t take a picture of the shop.


Erm, what can I say? I’ve eaten curry almost every month of my life in Malaysia and I think that the curry powder they used at this shop has almost the same taste as the Maggi Mee Curry flavour. Which is to say – not good.

The fishballs, however, are springy and succulent. So, I watered down the offensive curry powder and had it on its own (see pic above). Now, that’s another great snack!

Before we end this entry, I’d like to introduce this unnamed restaurant where our family had dinner at Temple Street. Apparently, this joint specializes in claypot rice. I don’t think that this is Hing Kee as it wasn’t that crowded and we just walked in and found seat ready for us. If any of you readers could recall this place, do let me know.



Fried hor fun (HK$10). Looks oily and lacks ingredients. Well, you’ve been deceived! This is one of the most tasty hor fun we have ever had in a long time! Well-executed and fuss-free. Just the way we liked it.


Oyster omelette (HK$25). Where else would you get such a tantalizing oyster omelette at such price. It tasted great with the chili sauce. I like this version better than the Penang Or Chien we had a while back.


This was my claypot rice. It is item 25 ‘Double Spiced Pork with Rice’ (HK$35) from the menu board. Not my favourite kind of meal but the meat was very tender and the spiciness was not overpowering. I’d say it was a fair effort but I won’t go back for seconds for sure.

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