Australia Dairy Company (澳洲牛奶公司), 47 Parkes Street, Jordan, Hong Kong (Day 3)


I bet that this is one of the most well-documented ‘cha chaan tengs’ in Hong Kong. Famous for its long waiting queues and milk desserts, this small but well-patronized establishment was the place where we had our breakfast on our 3rd day in Hong Kong. Our serviced apartment was also in Jordan (somewhere near the Austin MTR station), but it was a pretty long walk from our place.


The turnover of customers is quite amazing for the average laidback Malaysian. We had thought that most people would be at work on a Monday morning (it turns out that it was a public holiday as it was the day falling immediately after the Chung Yeung festival which was on the previous day, Sunday). Not only that – sharing tables with other customers are to be expected, as is enduring cramped eating spaces and putting up with the average impatient HK waiter.


The basic menu isn’t terribly intimidating but it’s best to just settle for their set meals – consisting of the breakfast, lunch or dinner menu (only available at the appropriate times of the day). It’s ok if you don’t understand or speak Chinese – most patrons who come there do place orders for more or less the same sort of dishes, so it’s alright to point at other tables and tell the waiter that you would want the same thing that the others are having. Just make a mental note of what you have ordered as the busy workers may sometimes forget your orders and you’d have to remind them from time to time.


Killing two birds with one stone – macaroni with sliced ham (which I found terribly bland and unimaginative, but is, as I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, definitely practical in fast-paced HK) and the famous scrambled eggs on toast.

That is some awesome scrambled eggs we are talking about here.

Buttery and smooth are not the usual adjectives I’d attribute to such eggs, but in this context, it’s hard not to. Delicious in every sense of the word, and it goes awfully well with the toasted white bread. It’s been a long time since I’ve eaten eggs which are so fluffy yet tasty at the same time.


This is a bottle of Kowloon Dairy milk (of which there are stacks of them neatly arrayed at the shopfront). As I’ve mentioned before, HK milk tastes rather bland and watered down. Still, it was a good way to wash down the macaroni MSG.


No trip to the ADC is complete without sampling these delights! This is the famous steamed milk pudding that lives up to its fame. Not overly sweet, but at the same time, having a smooth and easy texture – this one is worth the long wait outside. We had this dessert served chilled but in hindsight, should have probably tried the actual piping hot one instead.


This is the steamed egg custard for comparison. Now, we had this dessert hot and it was delightful. There was a hint of ginger but fortunately it was not overpowering. Take your time to savour this delight. It’s quite clear that most waiters would be impatient to withdraw your dirty dishes at this point but just tell them to go bother someone else first.

The price of the breakfast for five persons is in the region of HK$200 to HK$250. It’s not exactly cheap but it was quite a satisfying meal. Just don’t expect to sit back, relax and read the papers while you enjoy your meal – this is simply not the place to do so. You are expected to walk in, order your food quickly, consume your meal at almost the same speed and make payment as soon as you are done.   

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