Hong Kong & Macau Trip (12 October 2013 to 19 October 2013)–Day 1 to Day 4

I’ve just got back from a trip to Hong Kong and Macau for a week.

I know I haven’t been updating for a long time as well, so I thought that this would be a great time to resume writing on ‘Leidartikel’ once more.

Here are some of the general snippets of the trip (there are more individual entries to follow as well, so stay tuned):

Day 1: Hong Kong International Airport (Chek Lap Kok Airport)

Feeling relieved after a lengthy 3 hours 45 minutes flight from KLIA – and the immigration and customs at HK also didn’t give us any problems. The flight was on a Malaysia Airlines 737 plane which was cramped and had no entertainment whatsoever. Luckily I had my Ipod, Iphone and Ipad (in no particular order) onboard to burn time during the trip.




Back at the serviced apartment we stayed at Jordan, Hong Kong. The taxi ride from the airport to Jordan was about 40 minutes, so our family of five paid approximately HK$450 for taxi fare. The driver knew the place very well so we had no problem finding our serviced apartment in spite of the warren of similar-looking apartments. 

This is a packet of Kowloon Dairy fresh milk which I bought from 7-Eleven. The packet is much smaller than those found in Malaysia – probably taking into account the fact that Asians should not overdose on milk on account of lactose intolerance. It tasted less creamy than Malaysian milk too.

We also had some ‘tong sui’ from a shop nearby our serviced apartment on the first night. The red bean soup was good but I think that was about it. The price was also not exactly cheap – about HK$14 per bowl of dessert. I didn’t know the place well enough yet, so I didn’t take any pictures for fear of offending the locals. Kowloon is also quite seedy as compared to the actual Hong Kong island itself.


Day 2: Kowloon

Some views of Jordan, Hong Kong where we stayed at.

I’m not taking pictures of the serviced apartment where we had put up for three nights and four days as it is the typical Hong Kong tenements which you could see from television series and other movies. Anyhow, it was quite an experience – cramped quarters and old corridors. The plus point was that our serviced apartment had wi-fi connectivity of which we were delighted and grateful for.

On Day 2, these are the general pics which we have taken. There are entries on the places which we have eaten and visited but would only be updated at a later time.


Don’t be surprised if the apartments all look almost the same and the streets are somewhat filthy. Have no illusions about Kowloon, though, and you’d do fine.



Temple Street (morning) – deserted in the early morning, congested at night. You’ll know what I mean when I review this area in another post.


Temple Street entrance. If not for the bamboo scaffolding, this would have been a rather good picture.


Octopus Card (Cantonese 八達通: Baat Dat Tuung). It’s hard to find a literal translation but it could be taken to mean ‘going everywhere’. If you have checked the wikipedia entry on the Octopus Card, the card which I was holding in the picture is the personalised card which requires registration but I didn’t have to do anything of that sort – I just paid HK$100.00 and the cashier gave me this in exchange. 



Smelly Tofu shop (below). I think most people (and blog entries) greatly exaggerate its ‘pungent stench’. It didn’t really permeate the air from where I was standing and as I’ve never had one before, I thought I’d have some this time.


Goes well with some chili sauce. It has a mild sulfur-like odour but it tasted pretty good. Oh yes, and get a bottle of water to wash down the curds – you won’t want anyone catching some of your breath after enjoying these snacks.


Day 3: Ngong Ping village and Avenue of Stars

(More pictures on the trip to Ngong Ping village and the Tian Tan Buddha soon)




Avenue of Stars (night)

This is Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing’s star:


Symphony of Lights show which started at 8:00 p.m.


Chinese Urban Healing Tea shop (found at most MTR stations):


The drink I bought contained coconut milk, sea coconut, Sichuan fritillary (actually, fritillaria) and white fungus. It was thought to clear body heat and moisten dryness inside the system. The tasty drink costs HK$24 which is reasonable. There are other selections as well within the shop – some for the restoration of ‘qi’ and others for blood circulation etc.


Day 4: Arrival in Macau

We took the Turbojet jetfoil service from the Hong Kong-Macau Ferry Terminal at Shun Tak Centre:





Waiting to board the jetfoil at the terminal





Macau – here we come! Dazzling casinos, sumptuous food and the glorious sun!



Day 5 to Day 8 to be featured in another post. There would be reviews on the places that we’ve eaten at and enjoyed, so please check back for more!



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