Secret Recipe: Red Velvet Cake (July 2013)

I saw an advert for this red velvet cake in the local newspapers sometime middle of the week and told myself that I simply have to try it.

On the official website, this promotion reads: “this enticing famed cake for its vibrant hue is created au naturel with a clever twist in layering in velvety cream cheese and apricot bits in moist red velvet sponge. A surprisingly delightful sweet and mildly salty interlude covered with white cream cheese and finished with chocolate twirls at the sides. la dolce vita. enjoy!”

2013-07-25 23.40.55

2013-07-25 23.41.11

It’s priced at RM10++ so it’s a little bit more expensive than regular Secret Recipe cakes.

2013-07-25 23.42.37

Digging in – I found the cake very moist but somewhat sour presumably because of the apricot bits (or was there vinegar used, perhaps?). The cheese layers are a delight, though – balancing the sourness with the salty taste. The cheese topping is probably the fundamental ingredient – I love cheese and I’m partial to have some of it in most of my cakes, if possible. Most importantly, it’s not overly sweet, so it’s already a plus point for me. The chocolate flakes at the side is rather negligible, though. It might be a good thing not to distract the overall taste.

Overall, a reasonably tasty dessert to have after dinner. I bought 2 slices of this red velvet delight, so it means that I could get a chance for a 2nd bite tonight   ; b

I’m not paid a single cent to say this ok. Any sponsors interested are welcome, though….hehe.


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