Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles–Classic Collection

2013-07-19 23.50.56

I think…I think that my parcel from Play-Asia has arrived! And it’s a huge consignment!

2013-07-19 23.53.45

I ordered these four TMNT figures last month and was pleased to learn that it was shipped to me last Wednesday. I simply have had to order these action figures! Amidst claims of being inspired by the 1988 TMNT animated series (my favorite cartoon in the late 80s besides ‘The Simpsons’), these toys are also manufactured by Playmates Toys under license from Nickelodeon.

Playmates made amazing toys in the 80s, so it was a mark of brand-recognition which made me didn’t hesitate even for a second in placing an order for these action figures.

But when I saw the large parcel these four came in – I was astounded. These figures (which measures 6 inches tall each) are easily almost twice as tall as the classic ones my mom bought for me in 1990! Not exactly what I was looking for to be honest…where’s that old love I was seeking?  T_T

2013-07-19 23.54.37

Searching for positives, though – these revised figures are equipped with far better quality weapons than the plastic ones the original ones from Playmates come from. If you recall – with every purchase of a TMNT figurine in the late 80s, the box also comes with this brown, plastic weapons rack that houses generic weapons in a sprue, amongst them – some pizza shredder or something like that. Michaelangelo’s nunchaku, for example, could easily break from constant twisting of the weapons’ grip due to the flimsy thin strip of plastic binding both ends together, which necessitated some repairs using super glue (which didn’t work well).

Now, Mikey would be able to wield his favorite weapons with confidence – even his other brothers have far sleeker-looking weapons than those of old. Donatello’s bo comes with that white cloth grip and Raphael’s twin sai look wicked. Only Leonardo’s dual katanas looked a bit on the short side.  

These toys also boasts ‘34 points of articulation’. I haven’t taken them out of the box to prove these claims but I reckon that the Turtles’ new-found flexibility and limbering agility is surely easily believed in this day and time, given the number of decades of technological improvement and so on.

Each action figure also comes with a personalized manhole cover base to display each Turtle in its new-found artistic poses. Think of the old toys – they could barely stand up straight in uneven terrain like bed mattresses and duvet. I remembered the older toys also had holes drilled in the foot area for the purpose of easily slotting into other vehicles and gadgets in the same toy catalog. 

I missed out on the earlier 25th anniversary action figures which should be the ones I was really looking for.

I know where to get those online – but I simply refuse to fork out close to USD40 per action figure even in the interest of reminiscing about good old times. I paid close to RM350 for these figures + shipping, so the damage ain’t too bad.

2013-07-19 23.55.02(Luv ya, Mikey – my favorite turtle of all time!)

In the flip side – it’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! The last action figure I got (in 1990) from the earliest Playmates line was Shredder and a Foot Soldier figure. Soon, the allure of video games in 1991 meant that these toys eventually lost traction in our family. At its peak, I had the TMNT Trooper Parachute and the Cheapskate. We had all four turtles as well. Cousin E had more toys – Rocksteady, Bebop, I think. But we never had the awesome Party Van which was a pity.

It’s somewhat comforting to get back some of that old feeling of familiarity even if I had expected something different earlier (or maybe I was expecting too much nuance attributed to the old action figures). There’s also Rocksteady and Bebop completing this series if you’re up for it.

Overall, I’m now smiling as I type all of these. Childhood and its happiness is an underrated and wonderful thing.

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