Coliseum Café & Grill Room–Plaza 33

2013-07-21 19.12.15

I’ve never eaten at Coliseum Café at Kuala Lumpur before.

Just mentioning it immediately conjures up images of a decades-old coffee shop nestled in one of the oldest-developed areas of the capital city. Many acquaintances have also spoken of how quaint and lovely that KL place was and how it invoked the feel of the colonial times. I simply never had the time nor the right people to hang out with at that place. It’s not that I simply shunned the place due to some trivial reason.

2013-07-21 19.11.56

Fortunately, the operators of the famous KL branch decided to share its specialties with PJ folk. This joint is still new and from the look of the constant crowd gathering outside on weekends waiting for to be seated inside, it must mean that the reputation the KL café enjoyed has left an indelible mark this side of town as well.

We have had to make a reservation for a table of four one week in advance as well to be able to be guaranteed immediate seating. It’s not as if one could bring a family of this size at one’s fancy and expect to be seated at once. That would be an hour’s wait for the table, if you care to do so. Rule of thumb is – for weekdays, you should book 3 days in advance whereas for weekends, it’s one week before your visit.

Browsing through the menu, we quickly located what we wanted to come here for – their famous Hainanese Chicken Chop:

2013-07-21 19.14.25

The portion is not very large but here it is sufficient to say that it is quite delicious. It doesn’t have that charred appearance (and taste) of the now-defunct Sin Seng Nam but the overall comfort food feeling is, quite thankfully, there. Oh, yea – the food came within ten minutes of our order. I was quite impressed. Each of us ordered one set each. In hindsight, it’s probably not such a good idea, but I think that this dish has gained wide circulation amongst bloggers here that we find hard to ignore.

This is the Prawn Cocktail which I’ve ordered as an afterthought:

2013-07-21 19.19.09

It is nothing really special – just some fresh and thinly-sliced prawns dipped in a dash of mayo and Thousand Island dressing, replete with some carrot and lettuce garnish. Understand that it’s not bad – just nothing to gush like an excited schoolgirl about.

My dad loved this Hainanese Noodles:

2013-07-21 19.15.22

I was irresistibly reminded of eating Mee Rebus after sampling a few bites. It’s ok – if you’re into this sort of fried noodles.

2013-07-21 19.54.21

2013-07-21 19.55.59

Here comes our shared dish – the Chicken Cordon Bleu. The meat portion is small – the ham is also very dry. It’s quite tasty, though, and the mushroom sauce goes well with fries.

2013-07-21 19.55.46

Dessert time. This is the caramel pudding or something like that. My mom ordered this. I think it’s done just right since she doesn’t like overly sweet stuff.

2013-07-21 19.56.14

My brother ordered this Fried Ice Cream. I didn’t ask what he thought of this but since he’s also a finicky eater, less critical comments that emanate from him means that it’s also ok.

I won’t beat myself up here- I also ordered the Banana Fritters and Ice Cream dessert but forgot to take pictures. Suffice to say – I enjoy a love-love relationship with fried stuff, so I think that it’s a reasonably good dessert to have. My only gripe is the small serving sizes for almost all the food here.

I particularly liked the good service here. The grouchy and scowling woman stationed outside is the only unpleasant person we encountered. The food also came quite quickly although there was still a beeline of visitors waiting outside. Our bill came up to RM200+ which is pretty ok for a family of four these days.

I may come back here for another visit….or Kampachi above, maybe.




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