Coconut House–Jaya One

(Warning: non-halal post)

It was a really rainy night yesterday and my colleague suggested going to Jaya One (which is near her condominium) for dinner. Initially, we had planned to go to Paradigm Mall at Kelana Jaya but decided that since it’s a work day (not a public holiday in Kuala Lumpur) in a working week, we should just settle down to eat anywhere.

I’ve not been to Jaya One for a long time (can’t really recall) and that place looks quite dead on a Monday night, although there was difficulty finding parking. My colleague suggested for some pizza which is fine by me and we headed to Coconut House.

That place was not very busy as expected and there were very few customers when we arrived. The waitress got our orders down within five minutes and we watched them prepare our food.

2013-05-06 20.31.22

Coincidentally, both of us ordered the Set Dinner (RM24.90) which comprises of Pork Chop in Gorgonzola sauce and a choice of either salad or pumpkin soup. That’s my colleague’s half-eaten salad which is pretty much what you should be expecting. She said it felt like eating grass and I concur. It does taste like grass. Pretty much one of the least delectable salads I’ve eaten, although it must also be said that it is one of the most healthful.

2013-05-06 20.31.13

We shared the Chagall pizza – egg, chicken bits and other stuff which ordinarily ends up in pizzas. It tasted better than the salad but that’s not really saying much. Apparently, it was baked with firewood in one of those awesome pizza ovens. It’s a novel idea and I could discern the difference between those Pizza Hut variety and the ones we savoured but the taste is simply too bland. Mind – this comes from someone who doesn’t take much MSG or other artificial flavouring. The pizza is priced at a reasonable RM18.90 which is pretty ok for someone new here.

2013-05-06 20.40.14

This is our main dish – the Pork Chop with Gorgonzola sauce. I must say that at this point, I was really expecting this dish to turn out well given that the preceding selections were underwhelming at best. I must say that it tasted good – the cheese sauce goes well with the pork chop but (and that’s a big one) the meat was rather dry. It could do with more sauce, if that’s a proper workaround to this gripe. I also don’t like zucchini and had hoped that we could have it with baked potatoes instead. The addition of garlic is also quite pointless as it adds nothing substantial to the dish.

I’m not quite sure if I would be returning to this joint – I’d surely need a lot of encouragement to do so but there are indeed some other tasty-looking selections on the menu like the slow roasted pork shoulder and the lamb dish.

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