House – GTower

It’s another Friday lunchtime during a workday and my office which is located around the congested Ampang Park area doesn’t allow much time to drive around town especially if it is a Friday afternoon (in Malaysia, if you don’t get my drift).

Fortunately, it is possible to eat reasonably well and to get back to the office on time. With GTower barely five minutes’ drive away from the office, me and another friend hopped onto another colleague’s car to nearby GTower. Well, actually, we initially planned to check out ‘Rakuzen’ but was told, upon arriving at the premises that it would take a little over 30 minutes for a table. I guess as long as I’m not my own boss, every single minute of lunchtime would have a bearing on my lunch decisions.

As ‘House’ was just somewhere within the same floor, we headed there instead.

2013-03-22 14.12.47

The place wasn’t as crowded as ‘Rakuzen’ – in fact there were quite a number of empty tables around. We were quickly shown our table and given a food and drinks menu separately. You may access these online.

At first look, I was quite taken aback at the pricey menu. There’s no chance I’d be willing to fork out RM19.90 (w/o government tax and service charges) for the Hainanese chicken rice when I could get a decent version near my home for quarter of that price. The King Tiger Prawn noodles looked pretty good on the special lunch menu but I was skeptical about ordering something without a prior food review online. The colleague who drove us made a quick decision for the chicken rice.

I settled for the ‘Tagliatelle Pasta – Seafood Jambalaya’ (RM31.90) which was recommended by the waiter. My friend decided to try out the ‘Squid ink Linguine Aglio Olio’ (RM31.90). For drinks, I ordered a ‘Green It’ (RM12.90) which was ‘kiwi, pineapple juice, passion fruit syrup and apple juice’. The other two wanted the ‘Mango and Lime Lassi’ (RM14.90).

2013-03-22 13.27.31

The food didn’t take long to arrive. And this is how my Tagliatelle Pasta looked like. The portions are rather small, so if you’ve a healthy appetite for some reason, I’m guessing that this would not do.

Taste-wise, I must say that the Pasta is lovely. There are three large prawns, three mussels, two juicy scallops and reasonable dose of smoked chicken bits, so the price is rather justified. I was satisfied. 

Here’s a look at what my other friends ordered:

2013-03-22 13.27.41

The Hainanese chicken rice looks ok but I do make mental notes to myself never to order hawker food at establishments such as these. It’s much like ordering these kind of dishes at hotels where the portions are polite at best.

2013-03-22 13.27.47

My other friend took delight in her selection (Squid Ink Linguine) and it’s easy to see why – there are generous portions of seafood and other condiments. Beside the dish is the Lassi drink which was very small. She also gave the thumbs up on the food in general.

I didn’t have to pay for my food, as the driver colleague paid for us. Well, there’s such thing as a free lunch and a free ride!



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