One thin line


I looked up from the sandy beach and cast my eyes as far as I could see – well beyond the vast, wide ocean.

There were annoying people around me, obstructing an otherwise perfect view. Some of them were the parasailing crew and asked me if I wanted to see the beach from the sky (I said no, my BB and phone are in my pants and they shouldn’t get wet for no good reason), others were ordinary beach-goers just clowning in the waters and having a good time. I had just gone to the hotel gym and decided to head to the beach, sweaty top, training gloves and all.

The air was warm but the breeze was strangely quite refreshing.

Maybe I should explain – I had this gnawing problem before I came and had wanted to seek an epiphany on the beach. I love all these sudden mental light bulbs – they give me longer-lasting lessons and they are often quite profound.

For the first ten minutes, I had tried to enjoy the sea breeze (ignoring the noisy people around me) but didn’t quite get in touch with my inspirations. I then shielded my eyes and tried to look at the beautiful late evening sun but decided that the glowing rays are not going to help me think better either.

Finally, looking at the thin straight line that divided the sky and the sea, I also got back some of my joie de vivre – I smiled. That is the point of view that I should take – to transcend beyond loss and gain, well past success or failure.

Because all that divides these two is just one thin line.



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