Tiger Beer Oktoberfest 2012 mug


Hey, peeps. This is the last few days of the Oktoberfest 2012 celebration in Malaysia http://www.facebook.com/OktoberfestMY (it’s literally running until 31 October 2012 and you’ll need to login to FB to access this page).

In case you’re still on the hunt for those lovely Tiger Beer limited edition 1-liter mugs, I believe that there are still some stock left at ‘The Social’ in Publika. I was there last Saturday (it was a long Aidiladha weekend) for a lovely lunch and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they still have these mugs for sale. The catch is – you’ll have to purchase a 1-liter worth of Tiger Beer to qualify for a free mug (around RM40 something). I didn’t want my mugs tainted (yet), so, I told ‘em that I wish to get the mug, but specifically asked for the beer to be apportioned into some of their smaller beer mugs. The friendly staff would then pack the mug into separate boxes for you to take home while you savour the Tiger Beer on another common receptacle. Problem solved.

The promo ends 31 October 2012 as stated above, so hurry and get these mugs!

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