Anathema – illegal immigrants and robbers

I tell you, I’m bloody pissed off at reading all these news about robberies happening in this peaceful country already. Only yesterday, there was this news that a home in SEA Park in Petaling Jaya was robbed and one of the victims was slashed in the head.

While you are about it, it all began with this. And then supermarkets seemed to be a popular target for robbers. There’s also another interesting blog entry here. Another well-documented catalogue of violent crimes could also be found here.

These spate of armed robberies in recent times have hit the newspapers left right centre and should not be left unheeded.

Only two weeks ago, I was stopped by four Indon robbers at Jalan SS25/2 (near Restoran Hoowan) and one of them wanted to grab my Ipod and bag. I pushed him aside and ran for it but this agile Indon bastard gave chase and slashed my head twice. He gave up halfway though as he’s a lousy Indon (all Indon illegal immigrants are cowards and pussies who fight innocent citizens in majority numbers because they have no guts and they have no bloody balls). I suffered eight stitches on the head and I swear revenge.

I’m sure that now is not the time to point fingers at anyone, least of all the police force. We should be co-operating with them, not just complaining about them.  As a society, we are entrusted with the responsibility of the safety of our fellow countrymen. So stop all the cussing and the blame game – if all of us are watching each other’s backs, these bloody robbers ain’t got a chance.

Just one word of warning to these clueless thieves and illegal immigrants – in the hands of a volatile all-Malaysian mob who are really mad about what’s tearing up their country right now, there’s no telling what we ordinary peace-loving Malaysians would do. We’re not xenophobic in nature but if you insist on sticking your ass here and do all such acts that you think you could commit in your own motherfucking country, think again.  


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