Arsenal Away Kit 2012 / 2013

I’ve just received an email from Arsenal Direct this afternoon and have been presented with a glimpse of the Arsenal’s new away kit for 2012/2013 –

new arsenal away kit 2012 - 2013

Conspicuously missing from the above picture is the current captain whom I hope expect would be leaving the club anyway and in place stood Lukas Podolski looking all rough and ready. Wouldn’t be out of place to hope that the new striker actually becomes captain for the club one day – just look at how serious he looked, compared to the goofy-looking Ox Chamberlain and neither-here-nor-there Kieran Gibbs.

Not a good-looking strip, I’d say, although most online sources have leaked shirts of approximate results so it came as little surprise – would have preferred an all-purple solid top with no black striped sleeves and definitely without those awful horizontal black stripes. This article here cursorily wrote the kit off as creepy, kooky, mysterious yadda yadda. I think there’s some hint of melodrama there. But, yea – it’s not a kit that I’d definitely rush out to buy. Still, some common sense should prevail in the use of the colours lest we lose sight of reality in the face of consumerism. These are the worst sort of combinations on my books. Nike’s France white away kit is good, so I’m rather disappointed by the lazy and ineffectual design and the garish colours of this new Arsenal away kit. It just doesn’t click somewhere.

arsenal away kit with goalie kit   

Still, what matters though is the performance on the pitch next season and for now, fingers crossed, hopefully the van Persie sale saga would end pretty soon. Boot him off to Money City and quickly reinvest on new players who are more than willing to wear Arsenal colours…even if it means having to wear purple with black stripes. Oh, well at least it’s only for one season. Then it becomes the third kit or, whatever.    

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