New Supplies – Tamiya Craft Tools and Tamiya (1/72 Scale) SU-27 Sea Flanker

My latest stash of supplies came yesterday by courier from HLJ. And look what I found –


A bag of Frito-Lay Takoyaki-flavored crisps. Oh, yea then I remembered – this is part of HLJ’s 15th anniversary celebrations (link may not work after these celebrations have ended) whereby the famous Japanese online hobby retailer graciously included free Japanese snacks together with your orders (subject to terms and conditions, by the way). I haven’t tried it yet cos I came home rather late last night, but thanks HLJ!

Ok, my latest shipment came mostly with tools from the Tamiya Craft Tools catalogue. To be honest, I worked on my models without a proper set of tools all these while –plastic sprues were cut with regular scissors (not pre-school scissors, though) and my PE glue is the cheaply-manufactured ‘Elephant Glue’ that one could even find off ‘five foot way’ (kaki lima) shops. I bent my photo-etched (PE) parts using a metal ruler after cutting them off from the metal sheets with a normal paper cutter. In a way, it’s as cost-effective as one could get but it didn’t exude professionalism and the shoddy effects could be seen in my earlier works.


Now, it gives me a whole lot of flexibility working with purpose-built tools for the right kind of projects. I haven’t scoped out the contents of the Basic Tool Set yet but I’m sure that the craft knife and the file would come very handy, and I needed that Modeler’s Side Cutter badly (the externally packaged being the spare). The Craft Bond is meant for the wooden decks that I’ve bought for the Yamashiro and the King George V battleships. In an earlier consignment, I had ordered PE scissors and a pair of PE bending pliers to add to the ranks. It’s all Tamiya, I know, but brand recognition is very important. Plus, we don’t usually get much other equipment from local hobby stores which rarely interests me.

My next project is the Sea Flanker that you could glimpse from the pictures above. The colors are not in yet, but will post up pictures of the completed model soon.






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