Pu Tien – 1 Utama Shopping Centre

(*Disclaimer – non-Halal post.)


Yesterday was Mom’s birthday so we thought that it would be nice to head to TGIF @ 1 Utama Shopping Centre as we haven’t been there since, like, 2010 or so.

Well, when we arrived, we saw that the iconic red and white awning restaurant is currently closed for renovations. Big deal – you’ll never be lost for choices when you’re at this shopping mall. Well, there’s Carl’s Jr. to begin with…and there’s a Peking duck restaurant nearby. Then sister-in-law said – why not try this Singaporean joint specializing in Heng Hua cuisine close by?


Pu Tien is located very near the new Isetan and is right smack at the boundary of 1 Utama’s Old Wing and the New Wing. For such a strategic location, it hardly comes as a surprise that the place was crowded when we reached there. We weren’t made to wait long for a seat, though, and the service was prompt and efficient.

Ok, here’s what we had –

XO jellyfish

XO Jellyfish. It was so laden with sambal that it somewhat dispersed the XO aroma. I don’t really mind the presence of the overpowering prawn paste since the combination was actually pretty good.

beancurd skin

Vegetables with beancurd skin. Nothing to get excited about here – it’s just regular stir-fried vegetables.

normal beancurd

Beancurd dish. Tasty and the tofu was quite good. 

buns meat

Buns with shredded meat. The deep-fried buns with sesame seeds had the likeness of ‘hum chin peng’ and the pork meat was stir-fried with generous portions of onions in special Heng Hua sauce. Noticed the transparent plastic triangles neatly folded near the centre of the buns? Those are disposable gloves to keep your fingers clean while eating this fried delicacy. These buns may be conveniently split open into two neat halves and stuffed with the shredded meat like a burger and the combo was excellent. There are obviously not enough buns to go with the meat, so we polished the remainder off with rice.

sweet sour pork

We must have this – sweet and sour pork! Recommended. This version came with lychees but the amount given was so negligible that it didn’t really affect the taste. It wasn’t too dry (as a result of deep-frying the pork) although we wished for a little more sauce to go with rice.

mee suah

Mee Suah (Longevity noodles). Garnished with peanuts and just the right amount of ingredients, this dish is recommended as well. It had that simple, homely taste of mee suah prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen.

steamed seabass

Steamed sea bass. I guess different restaurants do it in their own way but I don’t really like this dish. The portions are adequate but the soy sauce appeared to overshadow the other condiments used. I would have liked it steamed with loads of diced ginger and garlic (like how the Overseas Restaurant at Asia Jaya does it) and many others probably don’t, so to each his/her own. The fish was fresh, though.

or chien

Oyster omelette (‘Or Chien’). It tasted somewhat better than it looks, but even then that’s not saying much. Largely deprived of oysters, this dish appeared to be a mish-mash of spring onions and other common vegetables. The only redeeming quality of this dish is that it wasn’t very oily and the chef has gotten it absolutely spot-on in terms of limiting the grease. You could get better ‘or chien’ elsewhere and at a better price than RM16.90 for this dish. 


The bill came up to RM247.50 which is pretty reasonable for a party of five. If you have the 1 Utama ONECARD, you could add to your tally of points when submitting the card together with payment of the bill.The service was prompt and the waitress serving our table was friendly and patient. The food was served fairly quickly too.

Coming back again? Of course.





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