Italieri Autoblinda 43 (1/48 scale) – Polizia di Stato

I’ve completed the kit which I’ve bought from Hobbyeasy over the weekend. I had completed the basic work on the upper body and turret sometime ago but found enough inspiration (and time) to finally finish the other details that are outstanding. The kit comes complete with some lovely decals and the pictures are as follows –







I purposely modelled this kit to have its turret area open-faced so that viewers could also take a peek at the interior. There are no suitable human figures to model this vehicle with (at least not what I could find off my favourite online stores), so it’d have to be displayed alone.  

This Italieri kit required some filling in with white putty as the joints don’t fuse together too well. The instructions also contain some typo errors but is easily resolved by using some common sense. The rubber tires are also an impressive feature which made the kit more aesthetically appealing to look at. Overall, this kit is delightful to build despite some hiccups. The finished product could also do with some weathering and environmental effects and other minor touch-ups but is otherwise completed for me. I agree that the quality of my phone camera somewhat compromised the pictures above and it would be better if you could appraise an actual model in the event that you are contemplating building this kit – it’s superb.

The decals provided with this kit allows you to present this model as the Polizia di Stato version which the Italian police used in the early 1950s to control partisan activities or you could model this based on a few German options. An excellent example can be found here. I’m a purist in that I believe in casting my models after the original country it was developed and produced and not due to some foreign intervention which necessitated the vehicles’ adoption. The paints used are Vallejo medium gloss + 2 parts Tamiya Flat Red + 1 part Tamiya Hull Red. Mix well in a plastic palette. Don’t add too many drops of gloss into the paint mixture otherwise it would congeal into a mass of lumpy paint – two to three drops would be fine. Add some water to the combined palette if you find this happening.

My next armored car project would be the Puma armored car which is also in 1/48 scale.  

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