‘Red Army’ Soviet Infantry Boxed Set from Bolt Action – Warlord Games (painted)

Regarding my earlier post on the above, I’ve finally completed the initial painting of the Soviet infantry set – with some bit of shading and other sprucing up to do (including basing).

The pictures of the completed set (with white light source) are as follows –











Soviet sniper (in winter camo).


(Closer look at the sniper)




Rifleman taking aim.


Another rifleman in different pose.

I’m also working on the Soviet Naval Brigade tomorrow as it is Labor’s Day here in Malaysia. The basic colors have been applied and it’s a matter of time before finishing these as well –



The moulding is sharp and fine as compared to the Soviet Infantry boxed set. I know that there are some mistakes in the colors, so I’m looking at other schemes – I had wanted to re-cast the above as the Naval Platoon found in the Flames of War website – so I’ve one more day to think things over.



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4 Responses to ‘Red Army’ Soviet Infantry Boxed Set from Bolt Action – Warlord Games (painted)

  1. bernohn says:

    Great! I was waiting to see them!!!

  2. Piau says:

    Hi, great to see another fellow Malaysian into Wargaming miniatures! They look great, though a bit thick (not sure is it due to paint or the minis). I’ve got a collection of plastic Bolt Action British (love ’em!), Wargames factory Shock troops, Samurais; Perry Miniatures Napoleonic British infantry and War of the Roses; Victrix French Infantry and Imperial Guard, etc. but I’m just too lazy to take photos and put them up for all to see although I was planning it several times, just not gotton around to it…yet! 😛 Keep on soldiering and hopefully we can exchange ideas in future (not many wargamers/collectors in M’sia…. 😦 ).
    Here’s my very humble website: blogspot.piauminiatures.com (or something like that….long time didn’t update, need to check the name…)

  3. Piau says:

    Hi, sorry I realise now they are the metal one, not the recently released plastic ones (that explains their “roughness” 🙂 ). Cheers!

    • Artur says:

      Hi, Piau.

      Yea, I’m actually not entirely satisfied with the painting of the Soviet figures. It could do with a bit more inking and such. The soldier carrying that Soviet flag also poses another problem – the banner is quite thick (and ugly) and it became top-heavy as a result. Or maybe bcos I took the pictures with a toaster (nah, just kidding).

      I wanted to complete painting the Soviet naval brigade but there’s not enough time as I’m now more into Napoleonic miniatures these days – Austrian ones to be exact, and I’ve completed the painting of two sets of Austrian German and Hungarian infantry of 50 soldiers each.

      Thanks for dropping by and hope to exchange ideas soon!

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