‘Red Army’ Soviet Infantry Boxed Set from Bolt Action – Warlord Games

I’ve been playing the ‘Flames of War’ game for quite some time now on the side of Soviet Red Army although I haven’t been busy painting the unfinished soldiers of the Rifle Company. Add to that list two more blister packs of Soviet infantry in winter great coats, complete French Voltigeur company and a set of painted Soviet and French tanks but without decals and you could see that I’ve lots of modelling to do. Painting the tiny 15mm miniatures alone would take up most of the weekend if you’re committed and that’s not really a viable option.

And then, my brother introduced me to the Bolt Action series by Warlord Games, of which the miniatures are cast in 28mm and offered a slightly improved detailing and painting comfort. As I’ve already had the basic Vallejo paints from the earlier Flames of War Soviet Paint Set, it’s just a matter of applying colours to these new soldiers –

box front

This box costs RM125 at a shop in Section 14, Petaling Jaya. Apparently, I learnt that this game is picking up steadily in Malaysia.

box back

The models do look rather horse-faced in this picture at the back. Then again, most soldiers in the era back then aren’t really expected to be paragons of beauty.

box contents

This box came with two blister packs inside and should both contain 23 miniatures in total.

remove flashes

A decent amount of flash is present, but could be easily removed with a good pair of modelling tools. I noticed that quite a number of those models also had mustaches on them which I’ve removed. Regardless, I was impressed with the variety of poses available.  

plastic bases

These are the plastic bases that I’d be using to base my infantry. Each set retails for RM14.00 only which is cheap and affordable.


Ok, it looks a pretty snug fit.

So far, I’ve base-coated the lot of them and should be ready to paint them this coming weekend after Saturday morning duty at work. Will upload pictures of the finished product in due course… 

















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5 Responses to ‘Red Army’ Soviet Infantry Boxed Set from Bolt Action – Warlord Games

  1. bernohn says:

    Nice! I was looking in internet to see how was the Warlord Red Army – Soviet Infantry Boxed Set.
    I will be waiting to se them painted.


  2. bernohn says:

    Nice! I wanted to see how was the Red Army – Soviet Infantry Boxed Set, now I want to watch them painted.

    From bernohn.blogspot.com
    (It was rather difficult to comment)


  3. bernohn says:

    Are you going to play with them? Have you heard about Disposable heroes?

    Have a nice Painting day!


    • Artur says:

      Yea, we’re actually making these things for a small tournament. I also got two blister packs for the Soviet Naval Brigade and would be painting them as well. My friends and I are also in the midst of planning a Napoleonic campaign as well and I’d be playing Austria.

      Sorry, haven’t heard of Disposable heroes before. What’s it about?

      btw, I’ve looked at your site and it’s good to know that you are into painting miniatures as well!


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