Kjeldsens Oat and Cranberry Cookies

I saw this packet of cookies on promotion when I was at Guardian pharmacy yesterday for RM3.99 each. As it was by the famous butter cookie manufacturer, I thought to give it a try.


Packaged in four stacks with three cookies in each stack, they looked quite tasty.


Sadly, that’s not the case – the texture is quite good but not the taste.

Obviously I was not expecting it to taste like butter cookies <duh> (although I did stock up on one packet of its cousin for consolation later) but the overall feel was bland and normal. Folks who don’t like their biscuits sweet would love this though. The cranberry bits are also very dry and you could compare it with the raisin butter cookie type which I don’t really like.

Anyway – everyday, once a day, give yourself a present (thanks to Twin Peaks). For me, one of such presents has got to be the ubiquitous blue of the one and only Kjeldsens Butter Cookies –

butter cookies


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