Simple pleasures – Jaya Jusco Okonomiyaki

 Jusco Okonomiyaki

Having not enjoyed enough two weeks ago (when I bought three of the above), yesterday I bought five of these at the 1Utama Jusco and ended up eating only three again. There is such thing as too much of a good thing. Still, it remains a firm favourite for a lazy Sunday afternoon meal. It may pack a hell lot of calories but life is far too short to worry over an extra one or two pounds of weight. 

And don’t go there too early – it seems that 11:30 a.m. is about right – as the chef only started preparing these things half hour earlier. Just so you don’t end up waiting patiently for your goods to be ready. It wasn’t half-bad watching him prepare the meal – cooking the mixture of batter and chopped cabbage and shrimps over the metal griddle. After flipping the pancake over for another round of cooking, it would be packed onto the black plastic containers. First, the oko sauce was spread evenly using a brush and then the mayonnaise was slathered in a checkered layout. Finally, the bonito flakes would be spread generously throughout the rather small pancake. Best of all, it came straight from the griddle and is still piping hot when I got home.

I still tip this version over the one at Fugetsu of Isetan KLCC – primarily because of the cost (RM4.90 to RM18.00 @ Isetan) and the taste (obviously). Anyway, it’s time to move on to other discoveries. It’s getting a bit boring lately…     

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