We need to reboot our minds sometimes…

I was working late one day (well….actually everyday) and came across this nicely taped magazine cutting on a secretary’s workdesk-

recipe for a happy life

As it is in Bahasa Malaysia, the (mildly liberal) translation is as follows-

One day, a donkey belonging to a farmer fell into a well. The creature howled pitifully for hours while the farmer deliberated on what to do to save it.

Finally, the farmer decided that the donkey is already old anyway and the well has to be covered up as well (because of the apparent danger posed); so there is no real reason to carry out a rescue. The farmer called on his neighbours to assist him; they brought shovels and commenced the task of filling up the well.

At first, when it became plain to the donkey as to what was transpiring, it howled in anguish. Suddenly, and to the astonishment of the gathered men, the donkey fell silent. After piling in more dirt into the well, the farmer peered inside it and was astounded.

While the ass of the donkey was slathered with mud, it has done something unexpected – the spades of dirt which the men have shoveled upon it has been shaken off the animal and have slid down beneath the animal, creating an elevation.

While the men continued to shovel more dirt into the well, the donkey did exactly what it has been doing and soon there was an emerging platform for it to climb out. Not long after, everyone was stunned when the creature jumped out from the now-filled well and escaped!

This story illustrates our life being continually shoveled upon with dirt and muck. The only way to be liberated from this ‘well’ (sadness, problems, etc) is to ‘shake’ aside all that rancour from ourselves (mind and soul) and climb upwards from the ‘well’ using the discarded muck as stepping stone.

Every problem which we face in life is a ‘stepping stone’ to improve. We can climb out of the deepest ‘well’ by fighting on; never to surrender! Set aside all negative aspects of your life and proceed upwards! Remember the ways to gain happiness:

1. free yourself from hatred;

2. liberate your mind from anxiety;

3. live moderately;

4. contribute generously;

5. encourage a little hope;

6. smile

It is uncertain as to whether this may be our salad days or our worst moments, but the only time we have is now!”

(*I left out the final phrase as it is now 11 pm and the mind is not operating under optimum conditions)



[Disclaimer: all rights to the article shall be reserved and remain with the publisher/author of the above magazine extract. This post is not intended for commercial exploitation and/or monetary benefit in any manner imaginable]      

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