South Dakota 1/700 – Hasegawa

I’ve partially completed the South Dakota kit over the weekend which I acquired some weeks back and adorned it with some photo-etched parts. All that is left are the installation of the 20 mm Oerlikon anti-aircraft guns, the photo-etched metal crane at the aft of the ship and some other minor facelift. The model has also been dry-fixed at the turrets, bridge and smokestack area to facilitate painting at a later stage. Here are the results –






The photo-etched parts are from Pit-Road and was clearly intended for the Trumpeter kit released in August 2010, but it doesn’t seem to complement the Hasegawa South Dakota battleship kit well. Working with the photo-etched metal parts are somewhat easy – the Pit Road instructions were clear but were all rendered in Japanese, so some research on the internet as regards the parts to be installed would be in order. Inevitably (and because the photo-etched parts are rather insignificant in quantity), the metal parts failed to make the model look more interesting – except the crane and catapult set located at the aft of the ship. The kit is quite dated and could well be on the pipeline for retooling by Hasegawa. On the scale of 1 to 10 in terms of ease of construction (with 1 being the easiest and vice versa), I’d rate this kit as 6. The instructions are clear and detailed and the construction was pretty straightforward. Some additional drilling would be required on the main deck and other loose areas itself, so come prepared with a decent set of drills. Another highlight of the kit is the superbly-modelled Bofors 40mm anti-aircraft guns. The standard of the 20mm Oerlikon guns left much to be desired, though. From my own personal view, I wouldn’t recommend this kit to any serious modeller unless they are prepared to upgrade many parts of the kit, such as the main turrets and the bridge area which sorely lacked any imaginable detail whatsoever.

Next project for the weekend – the Hasegawa Kongō battleship with actual Hasegawa parts + Japanese ship rails which is on the way. I’ve changed my mind – I’d be getting the actual Fujimi Kongō kit (model 42017-2 under here) instead to be treated with its own photo-etched parts. 


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4 Responses to South Dakota 1/700 – Hasegawa

  1. Gareth Chai says:

    Hi, i am a modeller from Singapore. Personally, I am building the Trumpeter South Dakota now but I completed the Washington kit that you had just a few weeks ago. Instead of using the badly moulded parts from the actual kit, I took parts from my Dragon Atlanta, Juneau and Pennsylvania kits. I didn’t cannibalise them, each of those kits have Essex carrier frets which are almost never used in the actual model. As for South Dakota, I recently acquired the Five Star South Dakota PE set, really a beast to work with, perhaps you might consider. Sorry for commenting on a year old thread…

    • Artur says:

      Hi, Gareth.

      No worries – I’m still very much into the 1/700 ship series and it’s good to hear from a fellow modeller on this subject.

      Thanks for your suggestions on the South Dakota PE kit; I’ve scoped out the Five Star kit that you recommended and saw one for sale at hobbyeasy – it really looked great, and yea, it does give me the impression that it’s a beast to work with.

      From this site:, the reviewer praised the quality of the 1/700 South Dak kit, so I think you’ve made a good choice. I’m of course interested in building a fresh kit off Trumpeter’s now rather than rework the now abandoned Hasegawa kit which is quite plain.

      Hope you can also share some of the pics of your completed Washington kit via email. Have fun with your South Dak kit and let me know as soon as you’ve finished it – it should look great!

  2. Darren says:

    Hello Arthur, I know this is a 3 year old thread.

    You seem lazy to paint your ships.

    Anyway, where can I buy 1/350 ships in KL area? I am aware of Amiya underground. I’ve bought over 10 1/700 waterline ships from them along with dozens of paint bottles and thinner. Plus a few 1/350 ships like the Bismarck and Yamato and Tone.

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