1/700 Waterline Series in Malaysia – Part II

I’ve seen quite a number of search terms leading to my earlier post concerning the availability of the 1/700 Waterline series in Malaysia and I think that I could help with some further details (which have been, by my admission, unclear in the said earlier post).

For a start, there are not many plastic model hobby shops left in Malaysia. I’m not sure whether this is under the influence of market forces or that no entrepreneur bothered to start up a hobby store offering these ships. At the back of my mind, there are currently two active hobby shops in the Klang Valley area (I could be wrong on this, so feel free to checkout this forum for more info and alternatively, you may send an email for further clarification as well – sftpms@gmail.com and their reply is prompt and very informative) which sells the Waterline series and they are:-


Tamiya Underground

B25, Basement 2, 1Utama Shopping Centre,

Lebuh Bandar Utama,

47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Contact No.: 03-7729 0553 (Mr. Ong or whoever who picks up the phone)


Hobby HQ,

52-1, Jalan Metro Pudu,

Fraser Business Park,

55200 Kuala Lumpur

Contact No.: 03 – 9223 9588 (Mr. Low)


Ultimately, it all boils down to what you are looking for as regards the 1/700 Waterline series in the Klang Valley. If you are only interested in Hasegawa models, I believe that Hobby HQ do ship in some fine Hasegawa kits from time to time at reasonable prices too. I’ve not personally gone to their store before although I might do so in the near future. I’ve studied through the two Hasegawa kits that I’ve purchased at home and I must say that the plastic mold is somewhat crude compared to the Tamiya counterparts. Mental note to self – no problem, get some photo-etched parts to enhance the details.

For a world-renowned brand like Tamiya however, you could first surf their official English website and blow your mind (and soon, your wallet) on the many model kits in their impressive range complete with descriptions in English. Then you could head to Tamiya Underground (which I’ve not been to since Christmas 2010) –  I’ve no idea as to their current stock inventory but chances are, they have kept it well-stocked and likely to carry the model kits that you may want. They also sell a decent range of 1/350 ships in their store as well but they cost a bomb. The only caveat shopping at Tamiya Underground for their 1/700 kits is their somewhat disappointing lack of knowledge and interest on this subject matter and left me with the impression that they are more keen to market their RC models which is a hit with many adolescent kids on weekends. Their prices are also relatively higher than normal and you could be screaming your head off if you chanced upon a cheaper model online which can be couriered/shipped to your Malaysia home for an acceptable price. Regardless, their service was quite good and the attendants/owners were helpful. I’ve built about 8 Tamiya ship models so far and each one is quite a enjoyment to build, although I don’t really liked the aircraft carriers as there is almost very little to construct apart from the AA-guns suite and the island.

The Fujimi and Aoshima kits also have their own impressive fleet of 1/700 scale model kits but I’ve no idea if they are even sold here in Malaysia. The Aoshima kits offer some novelties, as explained in my other posts regarding this subject matter. I’ve pored through the Fujimi kits online and came away impressed. Some Fujimi kits (e.g. their Hiei battleship) even comes with photo-etched metal parts for the extra detailing and prompted me to place a backorder for it online.

Which brings me to this – the final solution to getting your ship kits that you’ve always wanted is to get it online. Again, I’ve not much experience in this matter as I’ve only bought my stuff from HobbyLink Japan. I’ve looked at HobbyEasy.com but I haven’t been charmed to make uncalled for purchases…yet.         

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