Arsenal Asia Tour 2011

I’ve already got the tickets for the Arsenal Asia Tour 2011 from Nike KLCC last Saturday.


Apparently, the tickets priced at RM58.00 and RM68.00 have been sold out (at the KLCC branch, at least – I’ve no idea about other branches elsewhere) and the only ones available are RM108.00 and RM388.00 which suits me just fine as I’ve intended to get the second-most expensive one anyway. My purchase came with a training session admission pass and a black Pro Events lanyard.


I’ve no idea whether my favourite Arsenal players, Robin van Persie and Andrey Arshavin would be here in Malaysia but I reckon that they would. Otherwise, we would be seeing Wojciech Szczesny and other younger players making an appearance. I’m not sure Cesc Fabregas would even be here or he would be wearing a Qatar Foundation-sponsored shirt soon but we’ll see. 


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