(Deceitful) Pair to Lock Horns Again

The two identified cheaters in world football would challenge each other for Round 2 in the European Champions League (having met each other in the CL Final 2009) which pits FC Barcelona against Man Ure on 28 May 2011.

A non-exhaustive list follows-

One side teaches its young wards to play beautiful football and if that does not work, then they would resort to ham-acting and immaculate face-covering to mask the overpowering deceit. One disciple from this school of thought went one better by even performing a peekaboo (caught on worldwide TVs) to watch if his spiel was worthy enough to get an opponent sent off the pitch-

sergio busquets

Another disciple has also sensed the danger emanating from their eternal rivals in white and promptly collapsed under pressure as a first course of action-


The other school of thought advocates their charges to take a dive whenever possible in the penalty box (optimum) or anywhere near the dangerous areas (preferable) –

rooney tumble  2

Shrek makes a meal of Campbell’s slow reflexes.

rooney dive 2

Wayne Rooney the master-diver. Amazing for a stocky fellow to be so wobbly in the knees. Must be all that illicit affairs with strumpets coming to a head.

The Man Ure also take great pains to exert influence over the officials of the game in order to get the result they want. Case in point – the goal that never was from Spuds’ Pedro Mendes –

manure cheater

The whole world could see that it was a legit goal. Where else could you get such a favourable result than at the Theater of Wet Dreams – Old Trafford?

farcical pair

Here, we have another farce being served by the classless Man Ure. Nani saw that West Ham’s Lucas Neill was lying crumpled on the pitch and thought that it would be high time he did the same lest he was seen as the aggressor. Of course, West Ham started it first but as the saying goes – ‘Monkey See, Monkey Do’…

nani farce 

Stevie G doing the right thing by ensuring that Nani stays stuck to the ground where he belongs.

Admittedly, Barcelona do play beautiful football with Lionel Messi leading the line but that’s the only good thing to note of this ‘great’ team from Spain. Still, it’d be great to see these two confirmed cheaters going at each other and see who comes out tops in acting. Man Ure obviously have a vendetta in mind and I’m certain that there are already players rehearsing for their respective thespian roles in training. I’d go for a Barcelona win as Lionel Messi’s talents far outweigh any of Man Ure’s players anytime. 

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