Yakuza 4 – Preview

I’d have bought my copy of Yakuza 4 via online store but because the Asian version has already been discontinued for some bizarre reason (and I don’t want to buy the US version either, one of reasons of which costed me my free DLC for Mafia II – ‘The Betrayal of Jimmy’ simply because my PS3 is an Asian version) I decided to leg it again to the closest Sony Style outlet for the PS3 game of the month.

Yakuza 4 in the forefront - The world of Mafia in the form of 'The Godfather' at the back.

The game costs RM179.00 and I was thinking of how many cups of New Zealand Natural frozen yogurt I could have indulged with that kind of money. Still, the Yakuza-franchise is not one which most hard-core gamers should let up IMO.

My interest had been piqued by Yakuza 2 in 2009 when I was still dedicated to gaming on my PS2 (which is now, unsurprisingly, in semi-retirement). The graphics, storyline and the RPG-style quests was something special on the PS2, which had rather limited games with such versatility. I’d sampled Yakuza 2 courtesy of Uncle Wong and his ‘amazing’ games shop and after defeating Mad Dog Majima for the 2nd time in a row (and after taking incredibly high doses of Staminan Royale and bento box lunches while fighting – “hold back your fists a minute, Majima, I’m enjoying this tonkatsu – got it from downtown!”), I felt that the time is right to reward Sega financially by buying the game.

The thing about buying goods online is this – you simply never know when the price would drop and who are the competing vultures ready to swoop on the best deals, effectively buying up valuable stock and leaving none for you (I know – survival of the fittest). Similarly, I’ve bought PS2 games as low as RM69.00 before only to see the same title’s price risen to RM84.00 or so back in 2009 and have equally witnessed a game having 5 copies in stock at 7 p.m. only to see the game out of print the very next day at around the same time. So, in my earlier post, Yakuza 2 ran out of stock way before I could place an order. The lack of continuing stock must have been due to the rather poor reception the game got stateside. Not feeling outdone, I got the Japanese version (Ryu Ga Gotoku 2) and struggled to even get to Chapter 2. Now, the game sits proudly in front of my games cupboard and stares out of the window pane all day and night, much like in a madogiwazoku corporate position. Learning from past experience, I’ve no hesitation to get this game from the local Sony Style stores. I liked the white bag which they give out these days as well.

yakuza 4 back      

Yakuza 3 had been fun.

I thought the shift from downtown Tokyo to Okinawa might be a far-fetched idea, but there was a certain rustic charm in managing your own orphanage with kids who have endless sets of real (but irrelevant) problems. I’d finished Yakuza 3 in a little under three weekends and I’m now looking forward to trying Yakuza 4. First on my checklist is to go to the first Club Sega I see and try to get one of those toys from the UFO catcher. Will report back on how Yakuza 4 really is in due course…

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