Ipod Shuffle (4th Generation)

I was having the Ipod Shuffle (3rd gen) for quite a while now (approximately a year and a half). It’s not like I got bored of it and decided to go for something new – it was due to an unplanned accident. One day last week, my earphones (with remote-control function) got rolled over (unnoticed) by my office chair so much that while the exterior retained its near-pristine condition, it’s clear that the insides are thoroughly ruined to pulp. When I tested it after realizing that I was (not consciously) making mush out of the thin rubber casing which protects the earphones, there was a faint sound emitting from the poor earpieces but the volume control and song selection function were gone. So without further thought, into the wastepaper basket it went.

Now there is this thing about habits in particular. After work, I’d subconsciously sling the earphones over my ears and flip on the old Ipod. It comes naturally after having done so, week in week out, for the past year or so. Faced with the dreaded thought that my ears won’t get its daily dose of favourite sounds, I started searching online as to where I could possibly find a replacement. It seems that the cost of an Apple earphone with remote-control function costs almost as much as a regular Ipod Shuffle since all I have to do was to top-up RM50.00 or so, which is pretty acceptable.

With this decision in mind, I went for the current gen Ipod Shuffle at Machines in KLCC yesterday. 

ipod shuffle 1 

Yea, I only really needed the earphones (which incidentally does not include the remote-control option) but I guess new things do bring better satisfaction. Besides, the lustrous and seductive orange gleam was a strong factor in my choice of purchase. The total cost was RM179.00 and I think was definitely worth it. For one, the vital controls are located on the main unit itself now, meaning that in the event that my new earphones tune out (which goes without saying that it would, eventually), I could still use any earphones which fits the bill. Plus, the new unit is more compact than its 3rd gen cousin, which allows better storage and convenient usage (since I normally put these things in my shirt pocket), though this is just a mild benefit. During installation, there’s even a cute icon of the new Ipod Shuffle as can be seen here-



I do foresee that this new unit would have its own problems, not least because it’s form factor is now square – so I might get confused with the controls (without the benefit of viewing the main unit directly). Still, as with all things, it’s just a matter of getting used to.

ipod shuffle 2 

The box contents are as what you can see above. It’s not radically different from the 3rd gen’s but I must say – the presentation is unique and the whole thing looks like a ring box. Performance-wise, it’s quite the same thing, except for the controls being located elsewhere now. The voice function is still somewhat dodgy as usual which counts for quite a lot, seeing that there’s no other way to tell what track you are currently listening to. Overall, I’d say that an Ipod Shuffle is an adequate mp3 player and one which is quite friendly on the wallet. Just don’t expect this pretty little machine to thrill you over a period of one week. 

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