Mailbag (29 March 2011)

So nice to receive some interesting queries that leads people to ‘Leidartikel’!


(i) Let’s see, I’ve seen this query crop up before some weeks past and I think it’s the most delectable for today which I can answer (actually I can answer anything that you care to ask) – [sic] “what classical song has has been used in dunhill commercial before”.

Well, it’s really simple and you’ve come to the right place. On the presumption that you live in Malaysia and watch Malaysian television (which was only TV1, TV2, and TV3 back then), in 1989, the Dunhill ad (which I think it was for the golf accessories) was an extract of the 2nd movement from Mendelssohn’s Symphony no. 3 in A minor ‘Vivace non troppo’. It was played on clarinets – check it out at IMSLP for the individual orchestrations. Lively piece, yes? Lemme know if you want a sample of it by dropping a note.

For the time when the Dunhill Double slot was running in late 1993 and during the television series, ‘Strauss Dynasty’ was aired and presumably in order to capitalize on the mini Johann Strauss enthusiasm, the ‘Blue Danube’ op. 314 and ‘Voices of Spring’ op.410 waltzes were the highlight.

I hope this answers your query.


(ii) Sifting through my mailbag, I even saw a query on “arthuroon” on Sunday past. How sweet!


(iii) On Sunday as well, there was another query “playstation 2 pes 2011 unlock copa libertadores”. To answer your question, the tournament is already available off the box. You don’t need to unlock it and is accessible directly from the menu. However, editing the teams in Copa Libertadores is another matter and which is, I think, unlikely. Remember that the PS2 version doesn’t have the Europa League (which is only available in current gen systems and only playable during ‘season mode’).


(iv) Last Tuesday (22 March 2011), there was this query “dune 2000 capture building means unit killed”. This is an interesting question which is statistically hard to prove especially if you are a commander of reckless abandon and even more so when playing Dune 2000 of which individual units have a particularly short lifespan. In the name of playing devil’s advocate, we could consider both sides of the coin. On one hand, you did not lose the unit to enemy fire and secondly, you gain troops when you do sell the structure or it is destroyed, perhaps trying to offset the fact that you have ‘lost’ your engineer to the structure. However, if you happen not to sell it and it retains the same status until the end of a particular mission, it may be possible that it counts as a ‘loss’ of one unit. That’s the position that I’d be taking. I think that the saboteur is deemed killed when bombing an enemy structure, though, as it doesn’t ‘return’ your unit when the structure is removed.



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