Allegorical Blue-haired Stepchild

I regularly make my online purchases of video games from and part of the attraction to continue doing so stems from the fact that they offer a US$5 discount on any purchases above US$50. It’s not really such a great deal in the big picture, but at least it offered some cushioning to the financial impact one such visit could cost seeing that I insist on my goods being couriered to me rather than on the good ol’ airmail.

Look, I could have bought some kimchi noodles just to fill up the US$48.90 bracket but I don’t really like instant noodles these days. They suck and buying these online had a tinge of irony to it. So, I browsed through their discounts section hoping to find something cheap and useful, and came across this –

sonic hedgehog  

It’s a steal at approximately RM39.90 and it might look good on my workdesk (the one at work not at home). That’s a deal.

Until I unpacked it last Thursday night.

Ok, it’s a Sonic that could not stand – let alone run, like its video game counterpart; whose legs are so flimsy that even my grandaunt’s legs are stronger in comparison. I mean I could lay it on its butt at my office while it looks on demurely, but no – I’d rather have a hyperactive Sonic that grunts in a most un-Sonic manner like in Sonic: Unleashed but still retains its hyperactive mode rather than a sedentary one anytime. Sega’s mascot should not have been allowed to go soft. While it’s true that the online picture does show Sonic in a sitting position, it’s not unreasonable to think that it could actually be made to stand. I mean, in hindsight, it possibly could with some form of support, but it is hard work.

Anyway, until I can make a gift of it for Christmas or some other occasion, this lame blue hedgehog ain’t going anywhere public for the meantime.

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