Of restraint or just simply letting loose…

For five days a week, there’s a certain tightly-wrapped head who despises me for some reason only known to herself. As if confirming her own porcine features, she’d grunt like a noisy pig upon sighting me and then proceed to make some of those sneers that you hope would remain a permanent cosmetic feature for her entire life, which would make for a great cheap laugh anytime.

I just choose to call it the ‘love-hate’ paradox. Just as there are that many people in the world who adore you, likewise there are equal number of people who hate your face for trivial reasons or on some sound justification, whatever the reason may be.

You see, it was those kind of relations that is beyond reparable. I just chose to – it was easy to decide because I did not need to offer a laurel wreath to her nor needing to bother to. Too many people, too little time to waste on imbeciles.

What pig-face didn’t realized is that I’m the one ignoring all her yucky faces and granny grumblings.  

What pig-face also didn’t know is that I’ve been reminding myself daily to emulate someone who was so ice cool in a tight situation that even viewers of the spectacle back then were amazed at the restraint exercised by the one individual.

robben robinho 

I’m referring to Arjen Robben here.

Yes, the Oranje one sitting on the pitch during the World Cup quarterfinal match between Holland and Brazil while a certain dark-skinned beast in an ugly blue kit screamed profanities at him like a heathen savage. Just look at the unbridled anger etched on Robinho’s mug (hohoho). Of course, Robinho’s time at Manchester City has been marred for this indiscipline and listless performances. Both of these players were on the books of Real Madrid CF not too long ago and both had rough times before settling into clubs which are a better fit for their footballing aspirations.

Yet, while Robinho was losing his head back then, Robben coolly sat on the grass and looked disinterested. Of course, the orangeman’s body language registered mild consternation, but it was more like not bothering with an annoying tsetse fly than facing the temper of an uncivilized brute.

But, not once did Arjen retaliate.

Amazing restraint and solid constitutional benefit to have.

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