What are these people trying to achieve?

I’ve captioned an email I received today – from this interesting hotmail account – danielfsankey@hotmail.com.

Of course, all this guy needs to do is to set up a new hotmail account and call himself Windows Live. Clearly, he cannot set up email addresses that uses the Windows Live characters so he has to use his own name.

These idlers start off with the generic ‘Account User’ cos they don’t have the time to individually type in all the names. Bad first impression, this.

By the way, the fact that I’m accessing hotmail on an almost daily basis is already getting me annoyed at receiving emails like this. I mean, these Yanks out there that don’t take a moment to access your brains or don’t have enough of gray matter since your mama gave birth to you to create a proper functioning one, aren’t these emails supposed to be for those users that have an account with hotmail but couldn’t care if it went dead the next day?
The dead giveaway is the password required in the email itself. Why on earth do you need my password for? So that you could access my account, send some spam email concerning some bogus electronics website to all my own contacts? Fat chance! It’s almost like telling a girl you love her and simultaneously wanking yourself in front of her!  Also, why on earth would someone need a date of birth for? Country or territory as well? Sometimes the things that go on these people’s heads are better left untended. Hang around with deluded fools too much and you’ll end up like one.

Lastly, grammatical mistakes. It seems that most people with too much time on their hands suddenly found out that they don’t have enough time to be wary of their grammar usage within the email itself.


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