Leidartikel hits 5,000

It all began 3 and half years ago. It took about this long just to make it to 5,000 views.

I guess it could have been worse, seeing as ‘Leidartikel’ is the anti-thesis of the so-called celebrity blogs, lapping up the accolades only accorded to the higher echelons of blogdom. This blog is also just as lo-tech and just as exclusive as one can get – next to nothing in the latest games in the market; this for sure ain’t a foodie blog; pictures taken with obsolete equipment and discussion about various stuff which I attempt, as far as humanly possible, not to be controversial and emotional in nature and content. Yes, I know – what you reap is what you sow; but I don’t think that joining the foodie bandwagon or camwhoring shamelessly is something I’d need to resort to in order to bump up the ratings. There has to be something else…

I think it is trite that when we write about something, it has to be somewhat meaningful – even if the topic of interest rarely catches the imagination of the readers. The first few lines of an entry should grab the attention of the reader and sustain the interest level high enough to transcend the entire article. That’s the reason as to why I’ve opted to pare down the amount of words to an entry and have turned to making pictures being the meat-filler role. I don’t suppose that this blog is supposed to have a dedicated reader attach rate and I don’t suppose that having one is going to change my perspective of how this blog should end up. Most of the time, I’d be happy to see the odd statistic or two reading about my earlier efforts and I think that it has served its purpose in its own small way. Writing about something meaningful does not necessarily mean that it should be ‘controversial’ and/or ‘provoking immense emotional outbreak’. I’d steer clear of that although the Rooster in me do sometimes call out for flamboyance and extravagance. I’m not interested in being another ‘La Pere Duchesne’ or an anti-hero. A simple poem or a lyrics to a song should do the trick. Simple but strong joys do exist.

I’m happy that some blogs which I’ve come across have been true to the heart. Pouring out the contents of the heart and expressing love and its heartbreak may be avoided by most people like swine flu but it is an admirable effort and I certainly approve. While I don’t fall into this category, I agree that it’s beautiful and certainly bold. 

The effort to concoct a full-scale entry is time-consuming and at times, frustrating. A certain entry has no sure conclusion – for example, blogging about the Half-Life 2 article could go on for days and the direction at which the entry is heading to can get quite haywire. There are certain technical limitations to the entry as far as Windows Live Spaces are concerned but let’s not get into it first. The entry could well be a full write-up of the game itself, it may even include a short walkthrough or even a mini-guide to defeat the toughest bosses in the game. Alternatively, it could well just skim the surface and wax lyrical over how great the game was and how it changed in-game physics and rewrite the whole FPS genre – all on modest equipment back in 2004. There’s infinitely nothing wrong with either – but to a writer, if s/he can’t deliver the exact message that this particular writer had in mind when conceiving this idea across to the audience, it’s writing without a soul. As the saying goes, even if one aspires to be a thief, then let that person be an accomplished one rather than a half-baked amateur.

I’ve stopped writing about the Arsenal. I didn’t particular enjoy whining and ranting or be seen to be doing it; and launching broadsides after each match – maybe it’s my inherent nature to repress my own feelings most of the time but more importantly was, I felt that this blog was in danger of becoming an Arsenal blog, something which I would not sanction knowingly or otherwise.

In many ways, I knew that ‘Leidartikel’ has deviated somewhat from its initial missives. Given the fertile range of events and exciting possibilities happening in this world today, this would probably present an excellent side-challenge which I’d be happy to accept. This blog needs a makeover of some sort if it is to achieve at least the projected 500,000 hits. At present, it may be a pipe-dream – but Artur V knows how to attain it. 


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