Sega Mega Drive Twin Pad

Not too long ago, I posted an entry regarding the availability of the Mega Drive 3 in Brazil by TecToy.

I know that this is not news – but apparently, A China video game hardware manufacturer / distributor is also at work in bringing the Sega Mega Drive well into this generation of gaming.

Mind you, this is not really something like the TecToy rehash of the Mega Drive console and its fanciful reincarnations – there’s the famous blue Sega logo plastered onto the console itself as well as in the packaging. I’ve my reservations that this is official stuff licensed by Sega despite being touted as such but it’s pretty interesting to have a look.

sega md twin pad playerCharacters from Sonic the Hedgehog could be seen on the packaging and if you look hard enough, you could see the Sega logo above the Mega Drive emblem at the top of the box.

This version of the Mega Drive is by the China-based AtGames. More picture views could be seen from these Hong Kong video game hardware wholesalers here and here. Ok, it’s weird because I’ve never heard of Sega’s best-selling console to date having been a justified hit in Hong Kong – or any Asian market in particular. A full review of the product can be found here.

The features of the recast console is as follows (based on comparison between the 2 websites) :

i. Plug & Play on TV (erm, are you telling us that it wasn’t plug and play during the 16-bit era? What do you think it was? We’ve to solder our consoles to the TV sets?)

ii. 20 built-in Sega Mega Drive games licensed games (see full list below)

iii. Supports RedKit cartridges (RedKit are AtGames very own game cartridge)

iv. Plays original Mega Drive and Genesis games (bearing in mind that most games are region-locked)

v. TV Out connection

vi. With PAL / NTSC switch (ok, this is another regional issue)

vii. Official product with games authorized by Sega (Eh ben, so Sega is licensing this…)

The list of built-in games: –

Alien Storm

Alex Kidd in Enchanted Castle

Altered Beast

Arrow Flash

Columns III

Crack Down

Decap Attack

Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

Ecco the Dolphin

Ecco Junior

ESWAT – City Under Siege


Gain Ground

Golden Axe

Jewel Master

Kid Chameleon

Shadow Dancer

Shinobi III : Return of the Ninja Master

Sonic & Knuckles

Sonic Spinball


Hong Kong Toys retails this console at USD $39.00 whereas Playasia sells this for a bargain at USD$ 29.90 at the moment (~RM 109.03) as of November 30 2008. I’ve never tested this equipment before but reviews aren’t so hot with the problems stemming from playing existing Mega Drive cartridges. The controllers also looked rather fake to me.

I realize that it’s hard for me to find something to say about this console as I still have my original Mega Drive II console at home, so, yes, to me it’s just another Mega Drive cash cow which Sega deems fit for release. Somehow, Sega is giving me the impression that quality and craftsmanship of their products aren’t that important anymore – they’re departing with their intellectual property for the mere cash which are paying for their sustenance at the moment. We wonder if they’d ever venture into the home console business …




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