Modern Talking – Brother Louie / Atlantis is Calling (SOS for Love)

The link for ‘Brother Louie’ is here. A good ‘Atlantis is Calling’ example is here.

Modern Talking is defined as the single most popular pop group in Germany as far as their album sales are concerned. The group consisted of lead singer Thomas Anders and composer/producer Dieter Bohlen. It may be quite unfair to say this – Thomas Anders’ prominent voice quite personified the image of the group even though it was Bohlen’s songwriting which scored the major accolades. Thomas Anders’ flowing locks hairstyle also typified the 80s Eurodisco culture whereas Bohlen consistently looked like the awkward overgrown kid who did his level best to appear goofy and awkward in most of the music videos featuring the duo. In the video links above, you can see Bohlen as the blond guy with the toy guitar (anyone can see that he’s not really jamming with it) and making all sorts of weird bunching of the fists at the more inspired parts of the songs. No real surprise then, that the more natural performer, Thomas Anders stole most of the limelight off Bohlen and the duo separated in 1987 after their successful 1985 hits.

Modern Talking was often quoted as having limited success in the USA. There’s no such case here in Malaysia – the mid-80s quite belonged to this group, with ‘Brother Louie’ ‘You’re my Heart, You’re my Soul’ and ‘Atlantis is Calling’ making good airplay in shopping malls etc. I may be only 4 years old then but their infectious dance beats and generous use of the falsetto really struck the right chords. I obviously don’t know that they’re called ‘Modern Talking’ back then – I only knew that in 1999 when the group re-released ‘Brother Louie’ and other material in their last comeback album’ Back for Good’. As a kid, it’s quite easy to pick up whatever you’ve seen or heard and relate that to the events of the past when you get older.

What’s there not to like about ‘Brother Louie‘? The strong, emphatic chords at the beginning; the instantly recognizable ‘Louie, Louie, Louie’ in the chorus and the falsetto coda which follows all were Modern Talking’s personal mark in the sea of forgotten 80s disco music. That said, you can notice a similar thread in almost all of Modern Talking songs – not least ‘Atlantis is Calling’. I just thought that like ‘Madison Avenue‘, Modern Talking do have their own signature style but too much of it really takes the edge off. It’s akin to Antonio Vivaldi writing a concerto 500 times rather than him penning 500 concerti. So, I think that some credible efforts like their ‘Geronimo’s Cadillac’ and ‘Cheri, Cheri Lady’ sounded stale after their style being shamelessly bandied about by ‘Brother Louie’.

Still, ‘Brother Louie’ and ‘Atlantis is Calling’ could well ensure that Modern Talking did survive into the new century and to add to another gentle reminder that my own 30s is fast approaching. I’m not even a thousandaire yet…


==Brother Louie:==

Deep love is a burning fire,
Stay ‘cos then the flames grow higher,
Babe, don’t let him steal your heart,
It’s easy – easy;
Girl, this game can’t last forever;
Why, we cannot live together;
Try, don’t let him take your love from me;


You’re no good, can’t you see,
Brother Louie, Louie, Louie;
I’m in love, set you free;
Oh, she’s only looking to me;
Only love breaks her heart;
Brother Louie, Louie, Louie;
Only love’s paradise;
Oh, she’s only looking to me;

Brother Louie, Louie, Louie;
Oh, she’s only looking to me;
Oh, let it, Louie;
She’s undercover;
Brother Louie, Louie, Louie;
Oh, doing what’s he doing;
So, leave it, Louie;
‘Cos I’m her lover

Stay, ‘cos this boy wants to gamble;
Stay, love’s more than he can handle;
Girl, come on- stay by me forever – ever;
Why does he go on pretending;
That his love is never ending;
Babe, don’t let him steal your love from me…



==Atlantis is Calling (SOS for Love)==

Lady, I know it was hard;
But it’s much harder to ignore;
There is a chance and I’ll promise;
I won’t hurt you anymore;
Hollywood nights, we’re romancing;
You can trust me anytime;
Somewhere, oh babe, there is someone;
Oh, you’re dancing in my mind;


Oh, oh, oh, little Queenie;
I’m your fool;
Come on, teach me the rules;
I’ll send an SOS for love;
Oh, oh, oh, little Queenie;
I’m your fool;
You need love – like I do;
I’ll send an SOS for love

Atlantis is calling – SOS for love;
Atlantis is calling – from the stars above;
Atlantis is calling – SOS for love;
Atlantis is calling – it’s too hot to stop

If loving you is wrong, babe;
Oh, I don’t wanna be right;
I’ve got you under my skin, babe;
And baby, hold me tight;
I’m ready for our romance;
I’ll wait a million years for you;
I love you more than I’m saying;
Baby, that’s for me the truth




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