Arsenal 2-2 at Birmingham

Birmingham FC is just another ‘English’ club bent on rough play to win games. While it’s common sense that a footballer should be physically and mentally well-equipped to deal with the overtly physical English game but that’s just another hypocritical statement invented to defend the offenders. What about Eduardo da Silva and his horrendous injury of which its graphic side has been censored off every media conceivable?

I’m not kidding you. You can type the entry "eduardo birmingham" in the youtube search field and each video you try to access has been either removed or is not available due to a copyright. It’s as bad as what happened to David Busst  (WARNING – may be unsuitable for certain viewers!) and I’m not exaggerating that Eduardo’s situation contains graphical extremes which are deemed not suitable for people who can’t stomach it. Watch the Busst video with care and little imagination if that serves you best – you’ve been warned.

I fully support Arsene Wenger’s call for Martin Taylor to be banned for life. Why? Because there is a precedent to this sort of incident! Remember Dan Smith and his horrific tackle on another Arsenal player Abou Diaby.  Usually you can dismiss Wenger’s rants with a shrug if you can detect them to be over the top and slightly out of proportion to get the offender to suffer more repercussions. But this time – he’s spot on when he said that teams do come round kicking Arsenal all over the place. Also in the same article to ban Taylor for life, the Scottish ‘tribal village elder’ James McFadden casually dismissed questions about Eduardo’s injury that "you just have to get on with it at times when things like that happen". Well thanks for the ubiquitous tiny pea brain pearls of wisdom you Scottish whiskey faggard – as if no one else but you knows that shit happens, life goes one (so what does James think that Eduardo’s gonna do about it? Kill himself over this incident?) Also, did it ever occur to you that there might be a possibility that you as a striker would also run the risk of suffering the same fate? These typical sports jocks can’t see the big picture simply because they thought that the money they earned meant that they deserve to open their shit cannon at every conceivable opportunity and offer wise tidbits to the media who fall over themselves to lap it all up like famished lapdogs. Keep your shit mouth where it belongs – in the stinking, slacker-inhabited pubs and your mistresses’ halitosis-infested mouths but not pretend to act like a professional when you are in reality, just being a "professional" in name without the proper paper qualifications and acquired knowledge to back up what you’ve just shat on. Screw you, James McFadden – what goes round, comes round.

My best wishes goes out to Eduardo da Silva. Get well soon and come back stronger! Our Arsenal legion stands united behind you, Dudu!

The ratings of the individual players are as follows:

24. Manuel Almunia – I wish that he could have done a lot more with the freekick and the penalty but these are primarily the reasons why he, while having a rare purple patch in his career, would never be a world class player. At least Jens Lehmann can save the odd freekick or the rare penalty and even then he’s just barely termed ‘world class’. While I’m not reacting to say that Wenger should drop him for the next games, it’s possible that his early season form has suddenly eluded him. 6/10

10. William Gallas – This is a crazy and demented reaction from the Arsenal captain from the last minute penalty. No wonder the team doesn’t draw inspiration from strength, fortitude and optimism but from the typically petulant nature of players worldwide. So what are you gonna do, Willy? Drown Clichy in the wash basin or strangle him in the shower in Norman Bates-induced malice? It’s not like you’ve marshaled the defence like what the great Tony Adams did or even Martin Keown has done in the past. You’re nowhere near those English players, Willy. You’re just one temperamental wreck who vents frustration over the pitch but didn’t perform that well as you should. Some self-reflection would do you a power of good. 5/10.

6. Phillipe Senderos – another good play from the young Swiss. Supported the midfield well when Flamini or Fabregas were woefully out of position after a foiled Arsenal attack. 7/10.

22. Gael Clichy – Oui. I watched with horror as he backed down from Stuart Panarby after appearing to have got the former Middlesbrough man covered. Was Panarby emitting electrical discharges that got Clichy shell-shocked or did Panarby just let out a large wet fart on the pitch and drawing that Clichy reaction? I wasn’t expecting a penalty but the worst shit happens in life and it did this time round. To be frank, Clichy wasn’t that good today but as you can guess – he’s still young and such incidents may cost the team the valuable championship but don’t be so hasty in jumping on his back just yet. This is hard to take but better a point gained than none at all at halftime.

3. Bacary Sagna – excellent. When he plays, you can see him covering every side of the pitch, from his natural rightback slot to the right flank in attack and even wiping Clichy’s arse at leftback. If there is a revelation in the Arsenal’s summer signings, it has got to be Sagna. And Sagna was the one who has shown the most desire to play for the club in the first place, even going so far as to declare himself and Arsenal player even before the contract has been drafted. – 8/10.

13. Aliaksandr Hleb – surprised that he did well to make a brilliant run into the box only to square the ball to a poorly placed Adebayor. He was only between the goalkeeper and the goal net. What’s wrong with this Belorussian? Too scared to try for goal or what? To his credit, he did try some amazing long-ranged shots today but Maik Taylor was in fine form. He was the centre of most of the Arsenal’s forays forward and he deserved more. Work on your finishing, Alex! – 7/10.

4. Cesc Fabregas – This kid can talk all about being hungry and eating up trophies but even I can see that he wasn’t that focussed on his game at the moment for the past 3 months or so after the Arsenal lost at Middlesbrough. Forget they hype surrounding him at the moment. The only way he can be an Arsenal great is to let his football do the talking instead of vowing revenge and honours when he himself isn’t up to standard. Like captain Gallas, he’d need a little self-reflection over his performances lately. His passes to Adebayor in the box were poor; they were either intercepted by Birmingham players or it was driven too far off the mark. Had an otherwise uneventful game. He wasn’t even trying to shoot for goal when given the chance!  – 6/10.

16. Mathieu Flamini – Still got the midfield up and running even though he wasn’t in prime form at the moment but that’s understandable. Did try long ranged shots and some incisive passes although the finished product was often poor. 6/10.

25. Emmanuel Adebayor – Selfishness is good at times when you know that the other party who wants a piece of the pie isn’t that good himself but seeing a teammate in a perfect position to score and still stubbornly insisting to try for goal yourself is to be clumsily letting the world know of how blatantly selfish you are. Remember, the football world knows that you and Nicklas Bendtner aren’t the best of friends off and on the pitch but in the Arsenal, the only way to play Wengerball and to score goals is the ultimate requirement of teamwork and team chemistry. Should you have neither, you’re better off playing for Birmingham instead. 5/10.

9. Eduardo da Silva – N/A. Get well soon and an early happy birthday (25th February).

32. Theo Walcott – pure youth talent at its finest form. This is what Wenger was itching to see and it is refreshing to see that he’s gotten 2 goals to ease the burden of scoring his first Premiership goals. The first was a simple tap-in at close range but the second is a demonstration of what Theo can do and what we Arsenal fans are dying to see! Mighty good work, Theo. Keep it up, lad! – 8/10

Substitutes –

26. Nicklas Bendtner – may be rightly furious for strike partner Adebayor’s insistence to try for goal instead of passing to him at a better position. His first touch is still poor and his positioning may need some tweaking as his connection to corners is often out of the way. Not a good performance. 5/10.

19. Gilberto Silva – did little to help the team’s cause and may soon look to leave the club. – N/A

15. Denilson – since the team is no longer in the League Cup, his involvement in the first team has been far and few. I’m really not sure where his immediate future lies for now. N/A.

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2 Responses to Arsenal 2-2 at Birmingham

  1. cindy says:

    I’ve noticed when watching E.P.L. that the ref’s tolerate some player’s violent and outrageous behavior.Eduardo’s injury might be career ending , Taylor’s studs up tackle should be his last for this season, and for as long as Eduardo de Silva can’t play …

  2. Artur says:

    Sometimes noticed that too but Martin Taylor’s sending off was spot on – as well as a host of referee mistakes like the referee booking Aliaksandr Hleb for an alleged dive against AC Milan. There was the Mascherano saga going on which had the FA opening another dimension of refereeing in order to quell player’s dissent. I saw little wrong with Javier’s case IMO but sometimes we need to remember that referees are just human.

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