Another Arsed Performance but look at who’s sinking faster

I might have said that it’s only the FA Cup. Liverpool even lost to Barnsley not long before – so what’s wrong about losing at this stage of the Cup tournament? Actually, I’m just saying that thankfully it’s not a league game and luckily we’ve had 2 kids at the back (Justin Hoyte and Armand Traore) to put most of the defensive blame on but 4-0 loss is some food for thought for a intelligent man like Arsene Wenger.

We can just say that it’s better to lose in the FA Cup rather than in the league or in the Champions League. I absolutely second that! We can say that injuries racked the team. Fair enough. We could also add that Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Eboue who recklessly got himself a red card would have been a result of their African Cup of Nations tournament participation. No objection. But when Wenger promised Arsehole a fight, it was as if a 2-year old toddler is trying to invite a seasoned triad member into one. We were the serious underdogs, so I  don’t see the point in courting the angry Scot arse to bark – better to let sleeping dogs lie. I mean, where’s the fight? Was there even one?

We’re up against AC Milan next in the Champions League. It may be a home fixture – but don’t count on the resurgent Italians to bow over at the Emirates. I’d say that AC Milan is the perfect dose of correctional fluid the team needs. It’d be a highly-charged affair and I believe that a crucial win to take over to San Siro would lift the spirits again. I’d take the 5-1 loss against Spurs in the Carling Cup with a pinch of preservative but I take this 4-0 loss with characteristic displeasure. Rise up the Arsenal, and be counted!


Still, I’ve took time out to read this. Also, have a look at this. Man Ure are still spending in excess of £60 million per year on players such as Nani-mo; James Hargreaves;  and more horse, cow Man Ure! Like all of the Arsenal fans here; I’d also support the fact that if Man Ure goes the way of Leeds United, peace would reign in the Premier League without the stinking pile of manure to permeate the game with ugly trolls like Rooney; Ronaldo and the Arsehole. 2nd richest club in the world to the A-hole.

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