Taylor Dayne – I’ll Always Love You

Now that I’m in the topic of mushy (yup, pure sugary stuff) but beautiful love songs – there is really one song which I’ve heard when I was only about 125cms tall (or short, if you like) and I’d only the chance to learn that it was the great 80s singer Taylor Dayne! With all respect to Ms. Dayne, I mistakenly attributed this song to Natalie Cole once upon a time but that was a great oversight on my part. Hey, I don’t spend my surfing time looking up celebrities and their lyrics! This song is "I’ll Always Love You".

Yeah, I know, its title is far too common and convenient but the music is just classy.

That was in Standard 2 (year – 1989 but the song was released earlier in 1987) and I can relate that it was the time of great 80s hits and Hong Kong Cantopop songs which made me a believer of everything 80s was wonderful, and good tunes which lasted till today although admittedly, some have aged badly. I’ve unwittingly listened to love songs at that tender age but have appraised them positively. It was original, had fresh ideas and had a clear, jazzy and feel good factor to it. How could a kid not listen to these songs and love them? We know vaguely what love was at that age or do we? Hypothetically, even if we were equipped with that sort of grasp, I think we’re all flooded with a sea of mushy love songs through the ages that the effect of romantically-imbued words alone isn’t just the same anymore. Talk about effective immunization!


I’ll always love you;
For the rest of my days;
You’ve won my heart and my soul;
With your sweet, sexy* ways;
You gave me hope;
When I needed someone near;
You bring me happiness;
Everyday of every year

And I’ll always love you;
For all that you are;
You’ve made my life complete;
You’re my lucky star;
You are the one, that I’ve been searching for;
You’re my everything;
Tell me who could ask for more?

I’ll always love you;
Honey, this will never end;
I need you by my side, baby;
You’re my lover, my friend

(Jazz interlude)

You gave my world;
A thrill I’ve never known;
And filled me eager heart;
With love to call my own;

And I’ll always love you;
You must know how much I do;
You can count on me forever;
And I’ll take good care of you;
I’ll always love you;
Oh, I’m so happy you’re mine;
I’ll always love you;
Till the end of time….

* – as a kid, I found the word ‘sexy’ not funny even though I was unable to comprehend then why my primary school mates tittered and giggled like it was some body part which shouldn’t be a topic of earnest discourse amongst friends of that tender age. In this song, notice how Taylor Dayne accentuated this word in a suggestive manner.

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