Eduardo da Silva who?

Life would go on without Thierry Henry.
And it came in the form of Eduardo Alves Da Silva, a Brazilian-born Croatian national player.
I know that the knives would be out on the player even before he has had the opportunity to grace the Emirates Stadium’s pitch. It’s a understatement that Da Silva would have a very large role to fill; he has to play under the shadow casted by the legend and also to play the sort of football which the Arsenal fans knew well.
People might say that it’s far easier to rack up the goals in the Croatian ‘Prva Hrvatska Nogometna Liga’ than even, say the Dutch Eredivisie or even the now less-supported German Bundesliga. Then again, to maintain the form of consistency of being better than the greater stock of players in any league in the world, the player would have to be more talented than these group of average grades. To score 73 goals in 104 appearances spread over 5 or so seasons for Dinamo, that has to be something.
For gamers of the popular Football Manager series, Eduardo could be a great signing. Granted; games are games. But the series are well-researched by footie fans all over the globe. These are the same spectators of football matches played the world over and given the amount of evaluation given, it’s not hard to see that Eduardo would be tipped to shine.
Add Arsene Wenger’s highly-sought seal of approval to the equation, and the Arsenal fans are quickly anticipating a silver lining in the dark cloud cast by Henry’s sudden departure.
Obviously, if Henry was still at the club + Eduardo now, the club would have been challenging for the Premiership soon enough. I don’t honestly think that FC Barcelona would have the best of seasons despite boasting the impressive firepower upfront. The Primera Liga matches which featured the club had me grasping mentally for suitable adjectives to draw comparisons to their severely exaggerated ‘brand of attacking football’. Sure, there are moments of magic from Ronaldinho & co., but even young Messi had moments of sluggish activity on the pitch. Samuel Eto’o’s primadonna antics has had him raising strong voices of dissent against Frank Rijkaard. I don’t know exactly what FC Barcelona needs as it’s not in my intentions to think of ways to better a club seen as Arsenal’s royal pain in the ass lately, but I reckon that the azulgrana do need a tall central midfielder. If you look at Deco, Iniesta and even the mighty Xavi on the pitch, you may be forgiven if you think that they are still in their growth spurts despite their advanced ages. Hardly the sort of midfield to strike terror in opponent’s hearts. Technically, they are above the average crop; but their aerial prowesses leaves much to be desired. By deciding that Thiago Motta is no longer in Barca’s plans, they’d stand to lose another vertically-advantageous player. So – don’t imagine that Barcelona would go all out  to conquer Europe and demolish the other Spanish teams. Utter rubbish. Then there’s still the player egos which Rijkaard must satisfy and to nurture in a way he knew how. And when the Arsenal legend comes calling into Catalunya with his shaky foundations about his press statements and his moody disposition, it’s another factor footie fans should be left to ponder. I still remember Henry shaking his head far too often to be a decent captain and sarcastically clapping his hands for a poor pass. He may have his own lofty standards, but it’s not hard to envision the situation when things do go slightly acute.
So, Arsenal did sign another player quickly enough to shed some light into the goings-on of the mind of the club right at this moment. It’s happy to note that the club would take the right step forward by signing an established player for once. Fine, Eduardo doesn’t have a very long Croatian national team career. But he did notch 7 goals in 12 appearances. That’s some start.
I would stilll concede that his name would not have the Arsenal’s fans ecstatic with delight. Nor would they be quick to envision a potent strikeforce consisting of a much-improved Van Persie or even the combative Adebayor. And his role as an attacker is still left in doubt. His height is equal to mine and I agree that it’s not tall; seeing as how the aforenamed forwards easily beating us both in stature. But we’re left with little doubt as to his finishing. Perhaps we’re looking at the man who’s poised to reshape the Arsenal.
I was poring through the local ‘Sun’ paper given free of charge. The sports section highlighted a section on the Arsenal’s future strikeforce purchases. They listed the usual suspects: Carlos Tevez, Obafemi Martins, the ridiculous Samuel Eto’o, the medical bay candidate Michael Owen, and the greedy French pig Nicolas Anelka. How on earth these people could draw up a credibly believable list is beyond most Arsenal fans but these forwards, while they could be useful to the Arsenal; may not even be the right men to make the difference. Their flaws were obvious – Tevez lacked height, discipline (remember his Corinthians spat with another club mate) and the sort of flair to suit the Arsenal’s gameplay. Martins is also short, had his unplanned moments of madness (the car shooting incident where he was a victim), and suffers from poor self-control on his misbehaviour. Samuel Eto’o is a sweet cunt who is also another player apt to his prima donna tendencies. We don’t need Michael Owen at all – what an idea! We may be better off signing the unattached Patrick Kluivert than this injury-prone fading star who has gone downhill since joining Real Madrid. And why are we even contemplating signing Anelka again after his greedy nature on the level of Cashley Cole. Perhaps Wenger should have the last laugh as no one in the sports world guessed correctly his acquisition and that no one would bet his money on the Croatian-Brazilian being the major transfer. Of course the bulk of Henry’s transfer would have been splashed to finance his move but I’m quietly optimistic that it would be money well spent; provided of course Eduardo doesn’t suffer from serious injuries where Arsene would also equally suffer from severe headaches to piece together a thread-bare squad.
I’m sure Arsene would spend more money to beef-up the team. In fact, I still believed that he did sanction Henry’s move to Barcelona; and that would be the day Henry is no longer that useful to the team. In fact, Arsene refused to spend the cash which would buy Henry’s approval right after TH14 signed the deal after the CLeague defeat. Rosicky and Gallas were the only recruits. It’s fair to say that the Arsenal needed more than these 2. What if the suffered injuries? Back to the same drab football? Wenger did, however, not anticipate Reyes leaving so soon. That did put a severe dent to his plans. Obviously there was bad blood between Henry and Reyes and the signs are quite transparent.
So, the Arsenal is also linked with Bakary Sagna whom we don’t really need and don’t need to spend much money on. Ditto for the guy who wishes to sign for Chelski and is unaware that he is no better than Sidney Govou or even Hatem Ben Arfa on the wings for Olympique Lyon. That’s the melodious Malouda who sang praises of Chelski and would be left belly-gazing as to why he is encountering problems unsettling Arjen Robben or Shaun Wright-Phillips for an extended Russian adventure.
And in further news, Eric Abidal has penned a deal for Barcelona as well. I’ve seen him play for France at World Cup 2006 and for Lyon in some highlighted matches but he’s not a better cover for Willy Gallas, nor capable of filling in for the impressive Gael Clichy. But he’d do a fine job covering the donkey of Van Bronckhorst who’s gone back to Feyenoord Rotterdam not long after he brayed for Henry’s companionship.
So, please Wenger – just a simple request which Arsenal fans are already in concensus with – sign more players! And these do not include some obscure 15-19 year olds who hasn’t seen enough of the rough footballing world. I believe that all is not lost without Henry. The future is bright for the Arsenal. 

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