Contract extensions – an ulterior motive?

I find it faintly ridiculous that some (mostly young) players are always omnipresent in the sports pages for penning a 2 to years extensions to their existing multi-million pound contracts.
I could understand that major clubs are eager to clutch onto their prized staff for obviously human reasons but I can’t really see the need for penning extensions such as these.
The latest news is this:- Rooney has already signed a 2 year extension to his current Man Ure contract which would see the big galoot tread on the Old Trafford pitch until at least 2012.
This situation is not unique to Man Ure or Chelski for that matter.
Even Cesc Fabregas has recently inked a new deal which would keep him at the Arsenal FC for periods beyond 2010. Jose Antonio Reyes, before his crybaby move to Real Madrid also signed a 6 year extension previously only to plead to Spanish clubs to make a bid for him. I reckon Theo Walcott would be splashed in the news earliest next season and reported as having committed his future to the Arsenal for more years.
It’s understandably reasonable that this is a sort of reward system at a major club –  do well and the club rewards the player with so and so. But is an extension really THAT necessary? For peace of mind of the club or for the swollen wallets of these young fucks?
And really: can you see these players playing at these clubs for that long? Surely there are intervening events in the middle which would render these superficial extensions the image of a phony setup.
The only conceivable reason is this:- The player has been making odious noises at the club for having such a low wage and these reported extensions are, in actuality, a huge bumper increment in wages, making this so-and-so youngsters having mega deals with their respective clubs.
You might think that an increment in wages is an easy and painless matter. I’m not talking about the figures and the clauses involved as they aren’t that material if the club has enough money for their budget. What I’m referring to is the often overlooked green monster of envy and jealousy especially if someone else who plays in the same position is not given the same wage packet come the end of the week.
I assumed that someone like Rooney would not really mind a marginal increment to his already overflowing wage – but these innocent-looking extensions to current contracts are tangible masks to what really transpires behind it. Sure, an extension may be an outspoken and strong statement of commitment to the club, but we live in a world of barefaced liars and the perpetually unfaithful. So, to me at least, this is purely a monetary move rather than one which would resonate with his love for Man Ure. Try telling and advising a 20 year old today about comradeship and being faithful to friends and dear ones and the likely response is that of a ground mole blinking at the oddity of daylight.
‘Sir’ Alex Ferguson even ventured as far as to mention his shitcannon on the issue that ‘it was a reflection of the club’s intention to stay together.’ Since when did Fergie become so oh-so-loving and clingy such as this? He could, at least for the time before Chelski came to prominence with their money splashing schemes, swoop on perceived smaller clubs such as those from the Eredivisie or the French Ligue 1 for players he has fallen in love with. And he will pull no stops with his bag of deceptions and devious methods of signing good players for a paltry sum and then not playing them as often as they would have dared imagine. In short, he could easily replace players at a wink without even too much opposition from within the club, so whether players sign extensions or not isn’t really a big issue. And no one might want to leave Man Ure since, although they haven’t won anything of note other than the Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck Cups recently, they always give footballers the wrong perception that they would challenge for honours year after year.
Ok, I’m done with Man Ure. The case with Fabregas is even more superficial. The kid has made no secret of his dream to play for FC Barcelona someday in his career and even Real Madrid has signalled their strong intent to sign this talent. So, what does this extension tell you? An affirmed loyalty or that of something which is not so convenient to be made known to the public at large?
Like I’ve said earlier, these players are young and it’s perfectly understandable that they cannot commit themselves to clubs for all their career. There are only so much one-club players in the history of football. So, this makes it even more clearer that the main motivation behind securing these extensions have something to do with nothing but $$$ but the managers of these players cannot risk telling the world of their wage increment without potentially upsetting team morale over those who don’t have the fortune to pen similar extensions. Where are the days when playing for a beloved club means more than just contract extensions and unjustified increments? These extensions reek of pretensions and false fronts.
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